Facebook to end its dispute with the cheat guide covers around a virtual reality helmet Oculus

فيسبوك تنهي خلافها مع ZeniMax حول خوذة الواقع الافتراضي Oculus

After more than a year on the start of the trial between the company cheat guide covers, Facebook about the violation of the recent patents on the software first and put them in a helmet virtual reality Oculus, were the two companies to a final solution to end the dispute without any clarification about the value of the agreement.

Problems began two companies having joined the developer in the cheat guide covers, John Carmack, team Oculus in 2013, as the director of development, before being acquired by Facebook in 2014 versus$ 2 million, so after the story of the conflict.

Was cheat guide covers have raised the issue on Facebook, since 2014 due to the exploitation of patents and software from its former employee to develop the helmet, began the trial between the parties to the dispute and employees of the defendants in 2017, ended that trial time requiring Facebook to pay$ 500 million, but the company is back on appeal and reduced the fine to$ 250 million in the last June, only to cheat guide covers didn’t like it and decided other appeals before a final solution.

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