“3” some really great tricks of search engine Google will change you from using several apps together!

Think of the Google search engine the best way available to users to search for information on the internet, despite the attempts of other companies to provide appropriate solutions, but none of them you can compete in any form. While the basic reason for the superiority of the Google search engine back the power algorithm for archiving, except that the additions and improvements that have been introduced have contributed to making it the preferred choice always have users.

Today we will discuss three of these plugins are “hidden” that Google has added to search engine of its own, which will cover you – literally – from the use of a lot of applications, as well as save time and effort.

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Important note: all the tools mentioned within this article on search engine Google in personal computers and smart phones alike. In some cases, there are some differences in a way the use of these tools between computers and phones, which we will mention in detail within the article.

Utilities for Google

May many of you know that the search engine Google includes a calculator that allows users to implement mathematical operations such as multiplication and addition multiplication and division and even some advanced operations, but what you may not know is that this Calculator is part of a package of services containing potential and advanced capabilities allows users to perform many of the processes of analysis and calculations. These services are:

  • Calculator
  • Conversion tool units
  • Tool color conversion

What Google has done is integrate these services within search engine page, then write keyword specific, will appear top of the Search Results page of the calculator (if it has keywords associated with it) or a tool to convert units, so that they can be used with ease.

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The calculator in Google search

Months auxiliary tools provided by Google is a calculator, allowing users to implement mathematical operations are diverse and varied and in a short time. In addition to calculations and the traditional, users can perform advanced operations include face sports alarm and cut the triangles.

In order to use the calculator can do the following:

  • Write a “calculator” or “Calculator” in the search bar, leading to her appearance

  • Write the mathematical equation to be performed and then clicking on the INPUT button, and the result of the equation in the calculator top of the search page

There’s an important note regarding the use of tool calculator within the search engine Google on smart phones, namely, it only includes sports operations basic without any advanced operations, such as those available on the search engine within personal computers.

The most important things that you should know in regard to Calculator is included on other tools to help in the implementation of a number of scientific tasks quickly:

Tool to draw minions sports: where can get the form belonging to the athlete through the book a Graph of the annex to the treatment of sports. As an example, we’re going to draw your curve follower exponential x^2 (or a subsidiary of a parabola), through the use of the following sentence: the Graph of x^2, so we get the following result:

The great thing here is the ability of the tool to draw minions sports to draw minions, three-dimensional, not only the characters two-dimensional, even if we take the example of affiliate sports stereoisomers of the following:

z = x^2+y^2

And then we have introduced this equation in the search bar preceded by the word Graph of, we get the scheme of an interactive three-dimensional showing of the details of the different:

Tool account spaces and Fees forms: in addition calculator management to draw minions sports, Google provides a special tool that calculates the area of various geometric shapes, ranging from simple shapes such as circle and Triangle and the square, calculate the size of some of the complex shapes such as polygons null.

In order to use this tool, you must type the keywords linked to, such as:

  • area of a circle
  • area of a square
  • volume of a cube

When writing any of the previous sentence within the search bar, you’ll see a tool that allows the implementation of special accounts forms, which are not just limited to space or size, it can be such as the introduction of the size of the ball in order to know the diameter, or distance of the cylinder to find out the perimeter of its base and so on. The following image shows an example of how to get the diameter of the sphere once they enter their size:

Tool unit converter

Similar to the calculator, can show conversion tool units Built-in search engine Google using one of the keywords unit converter. Can’t access this tool via the any keyword in Arabic, and have tried it a lot without any result.

On the other hand, can access for a tool to convert Units by typing any conversion process within the search bar, where you can spend a large number of loading operations:

  • Currency converter
  • The conversion of one of the memory tools storage
  • The conversion of mass
  • Convert temperatures
  • Time conversion
  • One of length, area and

As an example, to find out the value of the euro against the US dollar, can be written the following sentence in the search bar:

1 euro to usd

As this will be entered to get the following result:

You can use the former method with any other type of units to be changed and replaced, or can simply choose units from the tool directly.

Color selection tool Color Picker

Maybe this is the tool least used among the utilities built-in search engine Google, which may not need a lot to use them, they remain a distinctive addition that will improve the experience of use.

For this Addendum, it can take advantage of them as follows:

  • Knowing the numerical value for each color according to several different formats such as RGB or CMYK or even a numerical value according to one count hexadecimal HEX. This can be done by typing the word Color Picker in the search bar, which will lead to the appearance color selection tool, with a section on the left dedicated to display the color value according to the formula of RGB, and you can also display the values approved for the other images by clicking on the option Show color values.

  • To figure out the color by entering numerical value approval no. As an example, in order to figure out the color corresponding to the 50 50 50 format RGB, you can write the following in search bar: rgb 50 50 50 which will display the color selection tool with a display color corresponding to this value. You can also enter a numerical value in other formats such as HEX and then get the name of the color corresponding to.


Notes and other information

Not possible for one to buy all the advantages and features include tools to help the search of Google, where there is a lot of information about how to use it in the best possible shape, which can be obtained from the help page of this service, available also in Arabic: Click here.


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