“Apple” allows users of iPhones cessation programs slow down their devices


Company provides Apple users iPhone inside the new update is the ability to find out more information about the battery of their device and Health, a feature that was already present on computers “Mac” of the company, Apple has said the update IOS New will appear over the health of the battery of the phone offers what if the battery need to be replaced or not, as it allows users to turn off programs controversial that slow down the phone’s performance in some cases.


Battery iPhone

Apple acknowledged last December that they sometimes slow down deliberately iPhone Old the batteries are weak, the company considered more than once on this, the reduced prices replace the battery in its stores from $ 79 to $ 29 phones affected, especially after he told users that the lack of company transparency on these issues push people to buy a new phone instead of getting a new battery.

“Kyle and”, the CEO of iFixit, which publishes the guide, repair For IPhone Spare parts, the company has made huge profits from it.

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