“Bloomberg”: laptop computers Apple to 2018 will be the chips of the produced


A recent report from Bloomberg that the hardware of the iPads Apple that will be unveiled during 2018 current, including devices MacBook and Mac desktop, you will have the products from the production company itself, which bears the name of T-series.

These chips are focused primarily on providing the greatest security to the user, but also has a few other advantages, providing a chip T1 to the latest computers “MacBook Pro” the ability to control the fingerprint Touch ID and Touch Bar, either inside the iMac Pro will be able to talk in camera and microphone and more.

لاب توب ابلIPads Apple

Laptop computers Apple-2018

According to the report, before you decide to Apple to provide the laptops 2018 read dramatically, I thought the American company on these chips gradually in the past few years, with great advances in the chips A , which include its iPhone and iPad, as well as processors W-series silicon existing within the headphonesAirPods hours Apple smart watch, which also used the S-series chip.

In the meantime, laptop computers Apple that include Touch Bar and iPads iMac Pro only comes with Apple products, but this year will be the expansion of Justice to add three other devices, including portable computers updated desktop, but still have the processors of Intel CPUs in addition to Apple co-processors.

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