“Bot” new Microsoft sends what you write!

Microsoft announced about the technique of artificial intelligence New a bot Bot to respond, able to create images from text description of things, with the addition of details not present access.

Came training bots across the sets of comparison images, to gain the ability to create all kinds of images almost draw it pixel best accurately, by understanding how to match the words and convert them to images. When you mention the word like a sparrow or a bird review the program prior how it looks like the bird or the bird, and begins to draw it across the description text above.

Technique bots the painter relies on two models of artificial intelligence, one to generate the image from the written description and the other uses the same text to judge the authenticity of the photos. And the N Microsoft other its ability to draw more complex images and, as the bot can fill in the blanks that I don’t recall its description text. Which is what it takes to work as an assistant to interior designers or dramatic scenes and clothing.

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