“Huawei” answer: how did you become a global company?

Revealed Huawei global Huawei as a major proportion ranging from 10% to 15% annually of their total revenue to research and development, including more than $ 6 billion in 2016, which is the makings to be among the five centers of the first on the list of most companies spending on research and development in the world in 2018, it is worth mentioning that Huawei ranked 9 within the year 2016.

Confirmed David Kim, Brand Manager at Huawei global, research and development have focused on the future vision of the long-term, with the appropriate investments that help strengthen its file patent development, with attention to the cadres of trained human capable of achieve innovation and development.

And with Huawei global about 180 thousand employees, of whom 80 thousand engineers working in R & D, distributed on 36 Center to support creativity, to add to the 15 centers for research and development products in most countries of the world.

Kim noted that the company invested during only 10 years of about $ 313 million in the development of the electronics industry, as I got to about 62 thousand patents worldwide, 63% of them outside China, over the lifetime of the Huawei which runs for more than 30 years in the markets whether local or global, explaining that the company focus in providing various products, diverse and distinct on the integrated performance.

Kim said it is necessary to pay attention to the development of the network by the interest in the development of phones, so I have Huawei 9 centres of scientific research employing 500 engineers in the development of network equipment around the world, in addition to pay attention to research and development in technologies, software and “EMUI” including the States of the task such as Sweden, Paris and China and India which are major centres for the development of our products, as a working Huawei with 600 information technology companies, global and local, and launched the program to enable the developer about a million dollars, to support partners and application developers.

He added that one of the most important examples of partnership are is to create “the Laboratory of Max berry of your innovative” research and development in collaboration with the company Leica industry-leading cameras in the world, says the new laboratory in the headquarter of the Leica world in the city “marry” the German, to lead the process of development of systems of visual techniques and the Treaty on the software to improve the quality of imaging in special applications photography found on smart phones, adding also that the police seek to find solutions for the photography of the Treaty on the computer, and augmented reality AR and virtual reality VR.

He explained that the concept of innovation new Huawei rise to the need to be meaningful and has real use on the ground and not invent for the sake of science but reject the slogan “innovation for life” and meet the requirements of users, where the feature of our products as easily and without the complexity and thus his friend for the user “User Friendly”, and Huawei to resolve all the problems that users encounter, which is of things that tend Huawei also from other competitors, the innovations we have like that associated with a tangible and positive effect in improving the lives of the users.

That have made Huawei successful globally in 2017

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