“i-BLADES”.. smart casing gives your phone Super abilities

Is the first cover in the world of smart phones that smart, gives your phone Super abilities, with the cover of the “I-blade” i-BLADES will increase the life of your phone battery than doubled to 10 times, it will also increase its memory to 1 TB.

In addition to its essential function in keeping the phone protected against malfunctions in the event of his fall, inadvertently, will give the cover of the “I-blade” i-BLADES watch video clips through the property preload Preloaded without waiting for downloaded from the internet every time.

According to the innovative “I-blade” i-BLADES has been designed to manufacture more techniques microprocessors “microprocessors”, and put the phone inside the cover smartphone, installation of the smart chip to the property that you want behind the cover, to add its capabilities to your phone, there is a segment of memory and battery, etc.

The slide smart of different types on the phone through the Immobiliser system automated ACS, which does not require cords or outlets, can purchase the cover smart on the page of campaign funding on the website indiegogo at a starting price of $ 75 (1400 pounds).

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