“Nanoplaster”.. adhesive smart spending on obesity

Researchers have developed American smart sticker can transform the white fat in the body to the fat structure, which means the possibility of their use in the removal of fat deposits in the body, especially consisting in the abdominal area, thighs, and hips.

The body stores fat in the image of fatty tissue white, and the importance of converting that fat to the fat structure in the process of slimming and get rid of obesity to the that brown fat can be full of mitochondria, which is considered to store energy in the cell, which you burn fat when we feel cold, by turning that fat into energy.

The researchers tried to long periods develop medications that turned white fat in the body to fat structure, is that their side effects harmful to the rest of the organs of the body is still the most important problem facing them.

Success contact new medical, which is dubbed the “Enable” Nanoplaster, made nanotechnology of drug delivery necessary to fat stored under the skin in the bodies of lab rats. redundant weight, cross-needles and nano-minutes in the adhesive, resulting in reducing fat in mice by 20%, when using the adhesive 3 times weekly for 4 weeks, as it led to the adhesive to reduce the level of sugar in the blood clearly.

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