“The charge of the Lord”.. festivals feel the competition between the telecom companies

Still the latest ads Vodafone Vodafone on the top of the list of the most popular videos in Egypt (trend) #1 ON TRENDING on YouTube, and at the same the list of the most popular, comes the latest ads orange Orange Internet, which is provided by the star program also Ahmed Amin, was rich through his secretary song festivals “no, no” with appropriate offerings aroung Joe Orange Go to the internet.

Between the AD of Vodafone are a common feature of important, besides the fact that their communications companies compete in the Egyptian market, the ad campaign to exploit more accepting Egyptian folk songs and festivals in the promotion of their services and telecommunications companies with the help of joy songs, Festival and folk singing rate of participation of large and repetitive for anyone who wants to listen to the melody of popular song, far from being a declaration for a product.

Mobinil launches, partnership announcements festivals

Was mobinil, before the acquisition of orange, are the first to use the songs of the folk festivals in their advertising, it has provided the Declaration of “always with some” combination of the songs of the Egyptian environment, both people and attack the songs and joys of the peasants, provided mobinil Mobinil for the first time the stars and festivals to Oka and Ortega in the clip during the song, which dates back to July 2012, and has achieved 5 million views so far on YouTube.

When compared to views ads orange different on YouTube, over the years, following the announcement of the “die together”, clearly shows the large difference in views between the various advertising campaigns of the company, to the extent that the company proposed to provide a declaration or song can be heard separately from being a declaration for a product the higher the viewership, which is repeated somewhat in all the ads of the competition.

For example, achieved a mobinil ad “open your heart are”, which was broadcast in July 2014, nearly 5.5 million views on YouTube, while the maximum ad in the campaign, Karim Abdel Aziz company million just watch, and learn to watch the ads, Khaled Mansour and shadi Alfons Ibrahim garhy 30 thousand views each.

With the use of orange are Hosni in its latest AD, the company the success of the song festivals “play the night”, vocals Oka and Ortega, made by Hosni in the character of Abu the IRE of the words appropriate to view shows orange, and it wasn’t surprising to achieve the Declaration of more than 29 million views on YouTube in just 3 months.

In the latest ads Orange, the company introduced the star program also Ahmad Amin in the song festivals of the tune featured is “no, no”, the rich amine during which the details of the show online orange Joe Orange Go, have made the video 4 million views in 5 days on YouTube.

Vodafone.. the combination of serenity and festivals

During a long period was Vodafone are the most among telecom companies in Egypt use successfully the first grade in their advertising, in the month of Ramadan 2015, the Vodafone announcement of the possible “strength in Family” with participation of stars Hussein fahmi and Mustafa fahmy etc Abdul Aziz and Amy Samir ghanem and not Ahmad not and Hamdan and Salim magdi Abdul ghani, Hisham slim and they are, have made advertising more than 16 million views on YouTube.

In the same period launched the Vodafone campaign ad for Flex Xtreme New, which participated in A. Mackie, goes through his popular singer Tariq Sheikh, has made the announcement 3.5 million viewers.

In Ramadan 2016, the Vodafone rely on the success in its advertising campaign, providing the Declaration of “the family”, starring Ahmed el sakka and Lily overhead, including Shelby wise Dora and Sharif Munir delight Yunus and Ashraf Abdel Baki Samir ghanem and the common bile duct obstruction and Abdul-wahab, the injection of the video more than 16 million views.

In Ramadan 2017, provided the Vodafone announcement “the joy of your strength”, with the participation of Shirin Abdel wahab, AMR Youssef, Canada alloush and Ramadan sobhy, Tamer Hosni, ghada Adel and coach the designer Hector Cooper, as the ads that can be heard as a song separate, made the announcement of 27 million viewers.

In the latest declarations, provided Vodafone ad three stars of the folk singing festivals, are A. graying and Oka and Ortega, and advertising a popular name is the other “shipping and inch”, and achieved the Declaration of more than 13 million views in 4 days.

Etisalat Egypt.. late arrival

The Etisalat Misr Etisalat Misr has arrived rather late to the ads provided by the star festivals and folk songs, as well as to ads that rely on film and television star, he has had a few experiments of the declaration with the stars, began with the Declaration of Mohamed Ramadan, in June 2017, a declaration that appeared most popular characters of his films that has stuck with the public, the most important of which Rifai al-desouki from the series legend, has made the announcement of the 23 million watch almost even now.

Achieved the Declaration of the “imagine a roller,” singing authentic, nearly 6.5 million views, which is an ad that began airing in June 2016, while the Declaration of “grab your dream”, which the vocals Mohammed band and the originality, and was broadcast in June 2017, has achieved 2.6 million views only on YouTube, at the time that made the song bosy and Mahmoud el-laithy, Ahmed fahmy to announce the “brain system taani” 1.7 million views since uploaded to YouTube on December 30, 2017.

From here we can say that the songs of the folk festivals have become the area of competition between the telecommunications companies in Egypt, especially if it is presented the ideas of a distinctive and attractive image of the good, and that competition between Vodafone on is the largest and most, while still Etisalat Egypt is far from offering something similar or even more marked.

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