“The Detroit 2018” … a close-up look at the cars of the future

For the International Auto Show North American NAIAS, or what is known as the Detroit Auto Show, a good reputation in the automotive industry in the world, although it takes place over almost two weeks every year, but it does not open its doors to the public for only half its duration only, while it takes the other half in the discussion of the new industry.

In this year’s exhibition, which is held in the period between 13 to 28 January, was the theme predominant is the insights companies what cars of the future, although the models of the opposition was less than expected, which put it back experts time and cost for such cars commercially.

Honda insight

At this year’s show, the company introduced the Honda Japanese automaker the second generation of its “insight” Insight, which compete with Toyota Prius the Toyota Prius hybrid models such as the Ford Fusion and Ford Fusion, and the policy of “Honda insight” to help out with short distances on battery power alone.

Unlike some of its competitors, the engine works Honda as a generator of electricity, re-charging the battery which run without its electric motor and is expected to start selling the car commercially in the second half of the year.

Nissan sun

Revealed Nissan the Japanese during the design it is possible for Suv Sports, through its model Nissan soon Nissan XMotion, which combines culture and design of Japanese well-being of America.

And the car on the 7 digital screen, which is the brainchild of the new plant in April Alfonso is.

Car jack ever Chinese

And also share a distinct sense, through the car jack ever GAC Enverge, an electric car supported with a battery capacity of 71 kWh, which she can walk more than 600 kilometers with one battery charge.

The distinction of Chinese control to the design of doors that open up like wings, and a digital control, the LEDs of the front.

The Lexus LF-1

View Lexus Lexus, one Toyota of Japan, its policy of four-wheel type large size “L F-1 Lima” LF-1 Limitless, which is designed to be suitable for a variety of engines, both fuel engines or hybrid engines and electric motors.

And the maker of the car. it possesses a navigation system is four-dimensional, where time is the fourth dimension, which means that the car has an intelligent Assistant to the Board takes into account the schedule of the driver, from among the information that you upload and the implementation of its orders.

Infiniti q inspiration

Provided Infiniti Japanese Infiniti glimpse of their future direction in the design of the sedan, which Infiniti Q Inspiration, with the potential of advanced technology, including the dashboard digital command system independent “process” ProPilot, which includes options to drive on highway, but the car is not Electric as it was expected, still the parent company, which is Nissan Nissan, committed even now making car engines and fuel.

Truck inside electrical

It is the world of car Shipping, the company introduced inside the Swedish emerging Einride transport truck with a length of 7 meters, is the truck T-iPod T-Pod self-driving, which is battery operated 200 kWh, and by Mr. for a distance of 2000 kilometers on a single charge, and there is no truck Windows, no place for sitting of the driver.

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