“Twitter” chooses to see a new button to share tweets and dispense with the “send privately”


Choose the location of the tweets short “Twitter” this period I visited New watch the Twitter share button, as noted by some users during the last days of the appearance of a new icon down the tweets inside copy house the Android phones from the app, the words for three points, and the transfer of all of the options involved pre-existing to this button, also the option “send privately” is no longer available.


According to androidpolice , the American, change the new user can access to all the previous options that appear in the top right of Twitter through a button a new one, and you didn’t know Twitter even now for any information on the New button you are testing, it is unknown the date put by the users officially.

زر تويترTwitter button

It is worth noting that the site “Twitter” is actively trying to add some changes that make it easier for the user to deal with the site, and avoid the number of new users of the product that suffer from multiple issues most notably the inability to convince more of the audience to join her.

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