“Uber” started its work in tanta were birds

Announced Uber in Egypt from the start of its services in the cities of tanta were birds, with a view to expansion in the Delta region and then provide many jobs, as well as providing more easily in transition between cities, through a safe way and in hand.

It is planned to apply platform ” aweber” to work in the governorates of the delta, with thousands of new drivers, which works to increase the employment opportunities available in the Delta region amid expectations of a substantial increase during the coming period.

It says ” aweber” integration with transport services in Egypt, especially with the start of its expansion, which began in the city of mansoura dakahlia Governorate during the month of May of last year, according to Abdel Latif, the Director General of police in Egypt.

Added he stressed in the context of comment on new directions: ” after our success in the city of mansoura has become from the fact we have to examine further opportunities to expand in other cities, the choice fell on my city tanta one didn’t have their great potential in the growth of employment opportunities for drivers, as both cities need a way to transition easy and safe”.

At the level of tension in tanta were birds, confirming the ” uber” of its commitment to the governorates in Egypt and providing more job opportunities, as well as Enhanced public visibility of the company through providing more economic opportunities in different cities of Egypt through technology ” uber” unique.

Were the statistics last recorded by the company ” uber” by the end of 2017, have been shown to provide more than 150 thousand new jobs, 50 % of which is provided by the ” uber” for those interested in working part-time.

On the economic side, the ” uber” without the shareholder, the economic largest in Egypt, through its commitment to provide job opportunities to many youth who represent nearly 70% of the partners in the ” aweber” between the ages of 18 and 35 years.

It also celebrated the ” uber” Uber over 3 years for its work in Egypt, having provided more than 4 million flights in 2017, with the aim of helping citizens to move from one place to another easily.

In this regard, the affiliate said: ” I opened the uber door to impose a variety of work over the last three years, we insist on providing more opportunities in the coming period, through continuing to work towards achieving our vision to develop the concept of transport services in Egypt”.

He added, that his company had a vision of expansive, long-term began in Cairo, Alexandria, and then mansoura finally, tanta, damanhour, and while we continue to expand in different cities we currently face our next .

Worth mentioning, that the passengers can in my city tanta and damanhour download the uber app and start their first journey with uber through a subscription and enter the promo code (UberXDelta ) to get the reduced $ 35 Egyptian pounds on first their trips in the cities of tanta were birds.

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