“Volta”.. one cable sharpens all of your devices

What is the need to use more than a cable to charge our electronic devices and portable different and the hardship of paying the cost of its protection and retain as long as possible to use only one cable in the shipment.

Benefited cable “volta” Volta of the magnetic properties, said Thanks to the wire cable from the head used in the shipping, finding and examining the use of more than one type of headers with the same cable, thus using one cable to charge all Smartphone devices, including all types iPhone, as well as all tablets “tablet” no electronic device to the Micro USB port or USB C.

And it is easy to celebration small cargo vehicle to any of our devices without coming back to use it, it’s barely noticeable, and we only touching the tip of the cable with him to play together. strongly magnetic attraction device begins charging.

It offers innovative just a charger “volta” Volta headers appropriate charging for all devices, package low prices, according to campaign financing, on the site of crowdfunding indiegogo, rates start cable $ 23 (400 pounds).

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