“YouGlish” I enjoy English far away from conventional lessons

For “Eugene coexistence” YouGlish a specific task useful for anyone who wants to learn English conversation pllc, whether American, British or Australian, and his knowledge and its limits.

Website says “Eugene coexistence” YouGlish search between more than 30 billion videos on YouTube YouTube, this is the secret of the similarity of their names, to audio clips that mention the word or sentence you searched for pace that you want.

All what you have to write a word or sentence that you want to search for the videos received, and to select the accent that you want, whether US or British, UK or Australian AUS or all of ALL, will the site display videos that contain the word or sentence you are looking for to hear the same pronunciation and accent that you want.

The videos that appear in search results on the start of the sentence or word you are looking for, and you can navigate between the search results by the options “next” Next and”previous” Prev. The bottom of the video, as the site displays the text of the talk that goes on in the video to facilitate to listen and follow and take advantage, with to impart a distinctive color Highlight the sentence or word in question to focus on.

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