“Your copy was getting old,” a new problem facing users of WhatsApp..and promise to solve it


A new report reveals that some users of WhatsApp and specifically on 13 January, they encountered a problem when running the app, show them an error message saying that the copy of WhatsApp has become obsolete, and their analysis of the new version of the Google Play Store, and when you go to the store, it is clear to them that they possess the latest version of the app.

According to the published position of fonearena India, so I have some users the option to “Leave Testing Program” or to abandon the program a demo, but it did not happen anything when you press them.

In many users said, they were able to fix the problem without losing any data by removing the version WhatsApp and installed from New by loading them via Whatsapp.com/android, some said they had changed the date to January 12, with a backup of the data and re-install the application to come back again for some.

And he said WhatsApp, it is working on a fix for this problem, explaining that it resulted from a problem on how to distribute the application which is not controlled by WhatsApp.

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