1.4 million active device from Apple among its 900 million iPhone

1.4 مليار جهاز نشط من آبل بينها 900 مليون آيفون

After the announcement of its financial results for the first quarter, I discussed Apple’s financial results that came between disappointing revenues and pathological growth of certain products and services; to announce the arrival of the number of active devices for the company globally to 1.4 billion device comprising more than 900 million phone iPhone .

Stated Luca Maestri CFO of Apple for these numbers for the first time, said: “We disclose surpassed the number of iPhones active for the first time the barrier of 900 million devices.” Maybe it’s weird about the statements of the company, however, it seems logical as timing, especially with the announcement of declining revenue for iPhone 15% from the last quarter of the previous year.

Was Apple TV have talked about the arrival of a number of its devices active and 1.3 million devices in January 2018, but without any explanation about what the numbers of devices individually, to now about the arrival of the total number to 1.4 million at the end of December 2018.

Meister said after this statement that his company will work to clarify the numbers of its devices activity every now and then, but as it is clear this will show the numbers as per the company’s need to shed light on the new order.

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