10 Android features that you won’t find on the iPhone

The dispute about what the best iOS or Android, no longer relevant, because each system is good in its own way. Both OS have their pros and cons. It is absolutely identical to call them will not work at all desire. So today we can talk about the differences between these operating systems and try to understand what features of Android are not available to owners of Apple smartphones and tablets.


If you use Android device with OLED display, the function Always-on-Display will be very useful for you. Agree, you don’t need to include the illumination of the entire display, if you just want to see the time, date, notifications, or other information. Always-on-Display-optimize the lock screen, allowing you to save much battery.

Multiple users for one device

To switch between different users on Android very easily. Each user will have its own set of programs, photos and contacts. Apple does not. If you want to share your gadget with your friends or family members, then you have to forget about privacy.

Instant Apps

Google added this really useful feature for Android recently. Thanks to it you can try appavailable in the Google Play Store without downloading them to your device. After using the app, if you don’t like it, no need to go through the whole process of installation/removal. Very convenient. It is a pity that support it while not all programs.

Night mode for camera

One of the features of the Android camera (although on the iPhone it is above all praise), is night mode. Popular Android smartphones, such as Pixel, OnePlus, Samsung and Hauwei, are equipped with a night mode that is intended to improve photos when shooting in low-light conditions. Night mode is, for the most part, the software option, so Apple could add it.

To close all applications

We all use dozens of applications on our smartphones every day. And many of them “hang” in sleep mode, draining the battery. If you want to close all programs on iOS, you need to close each one individually. On Android to close all of the programs with one click.

Apps by default

One of the advantages of Android devices is that you can install apps by default for different functions, such as viewing web pages, phone calls, text messages, and open links. You can even replace the virtual assistant on your smartphone.

Widgets on the home screen

Yes, there are widgets for iOS. But on Android, they are much more useful because you can pin them anywhere on your home screen. At that time, as on iOS you can use widgets only in a specific area. And their functionality is very limited.


Here, Android has no equal. You can change whatever you want. The Wallpaper and app icons to custom launchers, which change your system drastically. You can even turn your Android into almost a complete copy of iOS. But on the device the guys from Cupertino such a trick to pull off will not work.

Split screen

The split screen feature is already on Apple devices, but you can use it fully only on the iPad. This makes no sense. Why not introduce it on smartphones? However, the possibility of split screen on Android smartphones present. And for a long time.

Sending files via Bluetooth

Apple has AirDrop, beautiful, but its functionality is very limited. You can’t, for example, send a friend an audio file or document. On Android this is no problem. You calmly send what you want and to whomever you want.

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