10 apps and games for iPhone new and fun (March 2019)

Over the past month, has emerged a set of applications on iOS, What is new from what I got on a big update to expand its functionality, here’s the highlights of apps March 2019:

Secret Files 108

A file browser stays on the images and Videos safe through a passcode or fingerprint or face, supports different formats of video and photographs means that you can view pictures and videos within the app, also supports many ways to import files and share them.

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It is a one application includes all the publications and social media; from Facebook and Twitter into YouTube, and gives you several options to customize the display of publications, including the you can go direct to any acts when using the service applications.

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Rescue Plan – Flight Control

In this game you fly a plane guide and download save the aircraft before the collision some of her advise to a safe landing.

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HQ Wallpapers

Which is the application of new wallpapers, featuring the backgrounds are simple and colorful and include largely wallpapers iOS official. Nurses on the app that you can experience how the photo will look as background the different companies with applications before you set the images as wallpaper.

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Habit – Daily Tracker

As the name implies, helps you to develop good habits, you can add quotes motivating alerts and observations, and through presentations graphics Asia shows you the progress over time. The app is free, allows adding an unlimited number of habits to follow, and free of ads.

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Draw It

Collective game on the theme of drawing, where you have to send a lot of the things described in the limited time, and does not require being a professional in drawing, where he writes, although the schematic.

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Calculator a simple design simple and easy to use, featuring four buttons you can save the results important it to return to it later.

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Mobile Master

It is a application displays consumption of the processor card and graphics constantly, it also displays the device specification of the processor to the capacity of memories and networks the internet and the battery.

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The application is a written story of the months public health organizations such as the Washington Post, The Economist, The Guardian, The Financial Times, but it’s in English, can listen to 10 free stories, where you know the story you are writing in conjunction with images in a simple interface, there are playlists you can save the story.

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One of the most famous play in China recently, which is a game zombie goal of success for nights long, not only from zombies, but you should ban also the other players who are also looking for resources to survive no matter what, either to fight them or shared resources, the main objective of the game is to build a sanctuary for mankind. The game is recommended for those who like to build, which is also present on Android as came mentioned in the Games Series Android new and fun.

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