10 apps benefit them throughout the holy month of Ramadan

10 تطبيقات تستفيد منها كثيرًا طيلة شهر رمضان الكريم

Allah the holy month of Ramadan the month of mercy and forgiveness every year, you thousand good and of God and you favor business andsave you the Merciful protect him and ask Almighty God the formulation of acceptable and actions raised, and the usual follow-up and visitors to the site a technical world and every year we conclude with a set of applications Ramadan, which benefit them as a user on all days of the holy month, these apps carefully selected to cover the most important assumptions and habits of the holy month of Ramadan:

  1. Ears Pro _ Athan Pro:

10 تطبيقات تستفيد منها كثيرًا طيلة شهر رمضان الكريم

There are many specialized applications adhan, prayer times and the like, but with this app you will be trade that will not use any application similar to another, in relation to the application it is intended for the times of prayer time approached, and through the payment ears with the voices of so beautiful, not only this as it also comes factory complete with the most important azkar daily aren, as well as the possibility of praise and display the compass to know the direction of the qiblah, and organizing time through the calendar full, and not only that, there is also a feature of praise sounds fantastic supports English, French, and display the closest restaurants to your current location, and Calculate the prayer time accurately depending on your geographical location the flour by region and other lots of advantages that await you and all with a stylish interface.

Android | iOS

2. Increased fasting:

10 تطبيقات تستفيد منها كثيرًا طيلة شهر رمضان الكريم

This app is available exclusively on iOS, but below you will find the application like on Android, in respect of the application is on the application of Ramadan on approach Sunnis and the community, and offers a range of services representative of the Muslim in this holy month, wishing tab, in following “with fasting, with fasting, before breakfast, the women in Ramadan, remembrance, assorted, 30 Greek, wallpapers of Ramadan, in Ramadan” to be a treasure of the most important information that you should know in this great month.


3. Bag fasting in Ramadan:

10 تطبيقات تستفيد منها كثيرًا طيلة شهر رمضان الكريم

This app is only available on the Android platform, which kind of includes features of the previous app but more will come as with us exchange, in short is an application to the University for the fasting person to be the bag include everything you could need to the jejunum of the opinions and medical advice and guidance of faith, there is a whole section of an integrated special, perhaps the most important part of the application is the period where you will see dozens of the most common questions in the Ramadan and its on the lips of the nation’s scientists.


4. Reminded me of Thakerni:

10 تطبيقات تستفيد منها كثيرًا طيلة شهر رمضان الكريم

This app contains Islamic on all the du’aa’s voice as contained in the book fortress of the Muslim author Saeed bin Ali bin wahf al-qahtani in the order and delivery the right as stated by our prophet Muhammad prayer and peace, and with it the preservation of dhikr daily, even though won’t be able to read it by property audio playback and automatic same, as the app includes 8 aspects of the same prayers come morning and evening athkar travel and the adhkaar of prayer and the adhkaar Hajj and Umrah and the adhkaar of the disease ,,Etc, and its features also there is no need to call the police to take advantage of it, with his support to save any Dua and share immediately with friends, not to mention supplied a search engine for al-adhkaar by title or content and a lot of the features that etch-a-sketch themselves.

Android | iOS

5. Seal “Khatmah”:

10 تطبيقات تستفيد منها كثيرًا طيلة شهر رمضان الكريم

This app helps users to seal the Koran to read by giving them roses everyday “destiny you wont have to read it for a number of pages of the Quran,” it is characteristic of his other the possibility to define the duration of the seal or the amount of pink you would like the user to read it daily, with supplied the Koran is clear and high quality, also supports the application alert the user time to read through Alarm Clock voice notification on the lock screen, finally supports the participation of rose present to the user via the social networks with the possibility to display also the previous and subsequent.

Android | iOS

6. Ramadan 2018 – prayer times, qibla, du’aa:

10 تطبيقات تستفيد منها كثيرًا طيلة شهر رمضان الكريم

At first, this app is available for free on Android, with the advent of the holy month of Ramadan has been updated, in respect to the possibilities coming with it, they are as follows, you will be able to see the remaining time for breakfast and constipation , according to your city, and you’ll get prayer times for your city, as well as the direction of the qibla and the total of 34 of the supplications your company’s decent, as well as a carefully selected group of adhkaar for morning and evening, are offered in an interactive way unique, to help you count repeating the azkar according to the case, and not only that there is a new tab “spend fishing” Will give you this feature to add any days hero so don’t forget to spend it after Ramadan, and finally the application supports 6 languages, namely, Arabic, English, French, Russian, Hindi, Turkish and a new set of themes which are satisfactory for all tastes.


7. My life in Ramadan:

10 تطبيقات تستفيد منها كثيرًا طيلة شهر رمضان الكريم

The application of Ramadan a comprehensive with, where contains most of the needs of the Muslim in this blessed month it serves as a companion to you in this holy month, what is his part, the app provides numerous sections of which the section under the name of the Ramadan day-to-day which provides users six things distinct in “Aya, modern, story, useful, modern, idea”, as well as the selected section and Ramadan which contains the best of what he wrote support about this holy month and take advantage of his time in the obedience of Allaah and are short articles make it easy for the user to read it without getting bored, the Another section is the question of the jejunum where the questions of jurisprudence for this month and the provisions relating thereto, and another section which is the cultural competitions which includes more than 1000 questions, A section for delicious dishes and how to need, and finally the Department of broadcasting, direct broadcasting of religious programs and useful, the app is free unfortunately available on Android only.


8. The best of the climates for the month of Ramadan:

10 تطبيقات تستفيد منها كثيرًا طيلة شهر رمضان الكريم

In relation to the world of cooking in that particular month, if divided Ramadan into two parts: dining and travel, and invitations to the food, the holy month of Ramadan where the share of the invitees dining table, and your employer at this time to prepare delicious dishes but the essence remains away from food and should not be forgotten is fasting, prayer and meditation in God, overall this app is a comprehensive full reviews to the tastiest delights and cooks, and dozens of recipes especially recipes for appetizers, salads, desserts etc., to be the best Assistant to my lady in this great month.


9. Cookpad :

Since the previous app special Android only, must be available in our application like on iOS and by the way, this app also available on Android, generally the application contains more than 95,000 Description A Smorgasbord attended by cooks from all over the Arab world, and my sister virtuous delicious dishes cooking main dishes and the arrival of a tasteful solution, and desserts such as katayef one of the six cake also appetite, jewelry, glasses, etc., and with this app you can share your recipes and publish them in the library or audio and video.

Android | iOS

10. Source:

10 تطبيقات تستفيد منها كثيرًا طيلة شهر رمضان الكريم

The last app in this group, which is a suitable alternative to the first in this group, where I designed the screen of his masterpiece followed by a prayer and Remembrance, to be his main task ears and prayer times, there is a tool direction of the qiblah knows well the compass is simple, and the kiss video give you the direction of qibla on the map, and the distance between you and the war, and his support for prayer times for more than 250 a global city, put the Hijra and Gregorian calendars in one place, and of course there is the issue of Ramadan with the clock breakfast time and, And other morning and evening athkar after the prayer which is mentioned in the book and not only this, but there is a tab pink Koranic help you to seal the Qur’an in technology, it supports about 6 languages, a lot of advantages that await you.

Android | iOS

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