10 characteristic of a mess S10 non-existent iPhone

Samsung unveiled series Galaxy S10 yesterday, and when placed in comparison with the iPhone, we find that it excels in 10 aspects..

1. the first screen for dynamic

Enjoy series Galaxy S10 best screen in the world of phones, which is expected since the Samsung is the best manufacturer for phones, and its superiority over the iPhone because the Samsung screens are made Olid the existing the latest iPhone, but miss the screen series S10 isn’t normal this time.

As announced Samsung, screen Galaxy S10 is the first screen Olid dynamic in the industry and Galaxy S10 first smart phone receive a license for the technology +HDR10, which means they enjoy the scope of the high dynamics which is observed by the user in more clearly see the details of before and represent the highest accuracy for the colors, all accompanied by low emission of blue light from the screen by 42%, which reduces eye strain.

2 – holes screen

Probably different opinions about the holes in the screen, but it’s still a step forward compared to the sonship of the iPhone, and that Samsung made the hole on the right side, adopted the vision statement of the status bar, which makes it faster, it also makes the acquisition screen of reality is greater than existing in any iPhone, screen +S10 on 93.1% of the facade, the screen of the iPhone XS Max FTCE capture on 84.4% of the facade.

3 – fingerprint reader built-cops

Turned the Apple TV to recognize the face recognition FaceID entirely with a iPhone, 2018, and probably agree a lot on the security of three-dimensional on the face compared with the fingerprint of the finger, but no doubt the reader insight to the most effective and appropriate for different circumstances, and a lot also on the best way to provide reader insight is to combine the police also came a series Galaxy S10, which relied on the technique of ultrasound that make it the best response and accuracy of the competitors.

4 – Camera three

Apple has a long history in the development of the cameras of the iPhone, but was outdone both Google and Huawei in recent years, some have even argued Miss Samsung sometimes, and with the advent of the Galaxy S10 may be real which will be the subject of our review Samsung phones.

Anyway, the advanced camera Galaxy S10 third strictly 16 maps feature shot wide once you see the 123 degrees, which mimics what the human eye sees, a feature not present in the iPhone, as the presence of the lens is very wide (Ultra Wide) offers the advantage of close-up photography.

5 – the second generation for fast wireless

Supported phones Galaxy S10 of the third generation of fast wireless charging which can charge the devices with capacity of 15 watt, now the shipping speed wired and wireless equal in Samsung phones new.

6. the wireless charging reverse

Or what it calls Samsung’s “PowerShare” is the possibility of charging devices rechargeable wireless standard Qi by Battery Galaxy S10 and put them onto the device, including headset Galaxy been new.

7 – storage capacity of 1.5 TB

Options the estimated storage capacity of the iPhone and the inability to host external memory is not like a lot, especially since Samsung is not only the option of 1 TB which is accompanied by an increase in RAM capacity, but will allow adding an external memory capacity of 512 gigabytes of address space to any of the models of S10.

8 – to 12 gigabytes of RAM

As we mentioned, the attendant increase in the storage options increase in RAM capacity, with the Galaxy +S10 can get sought 12 gigabytes of RAM, however, the utilization of that capacity remains a matter of controversy.

9 – predictions of the use of artificial intelligence

Depending on the system of artificial intelligence, is trying to series Galaxy S10 to identify the user behavior and the pattern does not with the passage of time in order to improve the trade; from that recognition to adopt the use of an application at certain times of the day, and then make the application in the standby mode in the background at those times, so be ready for Quick Download. when the user releases at the usual time, and similarly closing apps in the background when you note that the user is not in need after a period, which is scheduled to improve battery life of devices.

10. support networks of the fifth generation

According to reports, Apple will enter the fifth-generation networks paint 2020, but will copy Galaxy S10 5G in the second quarter of this year, however, the situation remains similar to the capacity of 12 gigabytes of RAM, where the expansion of networks of the fifth generation is very limited, so applications that need connection speed higher than 4G LTE.

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