10 classic games available on Android and iPhone

There are many games that preceded the era of smart phones today in a photo apps available on phones, and what distinguishes it most of them are free and its ability to kill time, here’s the best classic games on Android and iPhone.


Classic arcade game in which as long as we play it on the windows at leisure, available from Microsoft for free on iPhone andAndroid.


If you can play, you can get it for 2$ on the iPhone, and on Android , but with ads.


Available officially for free on both Android and iPhone.

Crusher stones

If you miss the Brick Breaker that comes on BlackBerry phones, there is a clone of the game on the iPhone, and not the same quality on Android.

The snake

There are many versions on various devices from the Snake game, but I like the version of slither.io available free for users of iPhone andAndroid.


If you miss the games of “shot up” where you control a spaceship to destroy the enemy whatever its form, however Galaga think is a perfect embodiment of these games phones iPhone andAndroid.


Game are classic is available on Android and iPhone.

Connect immediately

A game that aims to connect 4 discs in the same plan without thought of its opponent, there are free versions on Android andiPhone.

Sonic the Hedgehog

The classic game from Sega is available on iPhone andAndroid.


Game space war classic is available for free on iPhone andAndroid.

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