10 gigabytes of RAM in the smartphone


In the Network appeared the message about the world’s first smartphone, the RAM of which is 10 gigabytes.

Oppo R15 and R15 Pro — premium smartphones of the middle class, which was officially presented in March 2018. And the company is already working on a successor to at least one of them, according to Vlad (Vlad) on the resource page gsmarena.comconsidering the Chinese “Lister” in Weibo. It wouldn’t be a surprise if the novelty called Oppo R17.

Oppo R17

Oppo R17 с 10-гигабайтным ОЗУ

As reported, a new photo was taken in Oppo-sponsored press conference. And the company is preparing to show his R17. No details about the phone there, except one, but the most impressive — it can use 10 GB RAM.

R17 may be the first ever smartphone that will complement the much impressive RAM.

How much RAM will be enough for a modern smartphone? To discuss this topic readers can Telegram chat.

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