10 HD review the Huawei Mate 20 Pro words

The back of the Huawei Mate 20 Pro in leaked images with words before officially announced, revealing the details of its design.

Design language is the same that we saw earlier this year when Huawei launched a series P20, where I have Mate 20 Pro screen sonship, but it is the largest of the former being used facial recognition technology dimensions of the tripartite such as the Face ID to the side of the earpiece and camera selfie.

Chin “of the lower limb” has been reduced compared to before with not cancel it completely like Apple being a technique like that will be expensive, which leads to raise the price of brand China.

Out the rectangular camera three LED flash, and there’s no fingerprint reader material, what supports what we mentioned earlier, that would be included in the screen itself.

Stay tuned for if the official announcement of the series Mate 20 with the wireless speaker Freeman best Pro 2 through October 16 in London, which we’ll change its moment-to-moment via our website a description of our social interaction.

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