10 interesting facts about Android that you might not know

Android is the most popular system for smartphones in our vast world. This was preceded by years of development, support of producers and steps to meet users. In the history of any work of software art was interesting and little-known moments. Check to see whether you knew the facts given in this article?

The symbol of the most popular operating system in the world

Many of these facts appeared in the media, but some of them are known not for everyone. Won’t build them in the ranking of popularity — just remember them.

The contents

Who is Andy Rubin?

Fact 1: Not everyone knows that originally the Android operating system wasn’t meant for smartphones but for cameras. It worked just a few people under the management of Andy Rubin. They were doing their job, believed in him, but I had no idea what all this will evolve.

Fact 2: Android originally did not belong to Google and not have to do with her. Rubin’s team worked on software in your small little world since 2003. At some point, they were ready to sell the achievements of the company Samsung. They flew to Korea and met with management of the company, but was refused.

Caution: In Google Play, a fake Google Play

Representatives of the Korean giant does not believe that a team of six developers capable of making something that will conquer the world. Thus, according to various sources, the meeting came from 15 to 25 representatives of the Korean company. From ruby was only six.

An additional indication of the interest of Samsung to the new operating system was their own development in this direction, which they tried to implement, but your Android have failed. But Google saw the potential of the team of ruby and bought his startup for $ 50 million. At the same time, Google was primarily interested in the professionals, not the operating system itself. Believe in them. The transaction was approved by Larry page, and it happened in 2005

Andy Rubin, who became the founding father of Android

Fact 3: what version of the Android operating system marked with the names of the desserts are no surprise, although the first two had no signs. But the third version was called already on the letter ”s”, namely Cupcake. But, what is the name of the system as a whole is largely determined by the increase ruby, don’t know everything. The fact that he was fond of robots. Perhaps this is what influenced the name of the operating system and not made her any WatermelonOS.

Thus, the term ”Android” can only be called a robot a male (if they have gender at all). Robot female of robotica, if you like, should be called Ganoid. Here is the gender distribution of the robots. Now you know that your smartphone boy.

What is Android?

Fact 4: Now we read statistics that show how many tens of millions of devices updated to the new version of Android, but was the first smartphone that worked on this ”Axis”. They became the HTC Dream. ”Dream” for the time he may have been, but now he is only good for history. By the way, there was no audio. The first tablet on Android has become in 2010 the Samsung Galaxy Tab.

HTC Dream — the first mass-market Android smartphone

Another first was the version Android 2.1 Eclair and this is a live Wallpaper. With subsequent versions, they do not compare, but at that time the WOW effect was achieved.

Fact 5: the Android Smartphones need a large amount of RAM. Cause is Java. After closing the application the entire system garbage is processed in memory. For normal operation of the smartphone need memory in multiples in excess of real needs. It is desirable that the difference was at least five times.

In this place it becomes clear why Apple is reluctant to develop the amount of RAM in their smartphones or tablets. The principle of operation of iOS simply implies the active use of RAM, even 2GB is enough for a fast working smartphone.

Version Of Android

Fact # 6: Returning to the versions of Android installed on the smartphone, you can tell which one is currently the most popular. When I’m in our Telegram chat brought up this topic, many assumed that the most popular one is the seventh or eighth version, but they were wrong.

The exact percentages vary, but for all ratings, the most popular version of Android to date, Android is 6 Marshmallow. That’s it! Old marshmallow is still more popular than many other versions. This is due to the fact that many users continue to use old smartphones and tablets, which are still quite cope with their responsibilities.

Fact 7: At its headquarters, Google commemorates all versions of Android in the form of thematic figures. They are located on a large territory and is constantly supplemented with new exhibits.

Robots, stylized version of the Android OS in the Google headquarters

Fact 8: it is Not difficult to guess, but hardly anyone thought in this direction. Google maps build a tube not on the basis of some statistics, surveillance cameras, purchase data or something else. The basis for building a lock in Google maps are Android smartphones. The result is an anonymous ”spy” for smartphones and based on the speed of their movements are based data that allows faster reach home.

Fact 9: Android not only works on the Ground. NASA sent into orbit two Nexus S Android Gingerbread, the task of which was to test some of the sensors on Board the International Space Station.

Fact 10:the Finish is a little odd fact. Design green robot painted Russian designer Irina Blok. It happened in 2007. That’s just the inspiration for her was not a fantastic movie with cool robots and their pop art versions, and men painted on the toilet stalls. This is such a strange way there was this good-natured logo.

Whether Android’s future?

Someone has doubts that Android will continue to exist and prosper? Personally, I have no! The system is evolving, becoming more friendly for regular users, but does not forget to offer users advanced functionality.

Even if Huawei can make your system mass, Android will only benefit from this. He will have to develop even more rapidly, to compete not with one manufacturer in two. Stocking up on popcorn and waiting for the epic “rubilovo” strong robot and a young Chinese man.

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