10 new Android applications worth downloading this week “11”

For those who are waiting for our weekly best Android apps new the Google Play Store, the day of our date came, and as usual, we use applications that are not of benefit what makes them worth the download for sure.

As and our biggest concern in free apps to benefit everyone, not a problem in the mode-driven applications, or apps old have been discovered recently, as long as interest exist.

10 تطبيقات أندرويد جديدة تستحق التحميل لهذا الأسبوع “11”10 new Android applications worth downloading this week “11”

This time, we doubled the number of applications, so that as usual there will be 5 new apps, either in our article that there are 10.

In order not to linger over the talking, came apps new Android for the week as follows:

FisicaMaster Pro:


The first applications in this group, which is an application designed for the students of physics in secondary schools and universities, which in turn allows students to acquire the basic knowledge for the topics physical, problem solving, thanks to the function of the bus.

Where allow you the calculator to solve exercises and tests by entering data “speed, acceleration, etc” and that can be found “space, time, etc.” at the moment you will get to solve the exercise as the result.

As the app includes more than 60 theme in physics, which most notably, straight motion and circular and contradictory, and the laws of Kepler and the law of universal gravity, changes in financial condition, and more.

Download application FisicaMasterPro on Android.

Oxygen Circle:


Oxygen Circle is an app that allows you to customize smartphones tablets running Android. Through a range of icons circular, inspired by the style of OnePlus OxygenOS, in addition to the implied range of backgrounds and a variety of high precision.

In turn, the pack includes icons towards 4955 code strictly 2K SuperHD +300×300 pixels, with the supplied 75 Wallpaper Hd, as we are accustomed with most of these applications, the application of Oxygen Circle is free and is available for download at the price of 1.99$ and without any purchases interior.

Download application OxygenCircle on Android.

Sfondi gratis:

Sfondi gratisSfondi gratis

Sfondi gratis is a new application present for Android users exclusively, so that it provides with a range of backgrounds static and animated backgrounds, three-dimensional 4K quality, all carefully selected.

Here, the app includes about 10, 000 Wallpaper available for free and in full, that are organized in different categories for easy browsing and searching.

In case you wanted to check out the backgrounds of the new anti-periodically, simply you can activate the option “get notifications” immediately new existence.

Download app Sfondi gratis on Android.



One of the apps Instagram new, the function of the core is to communicate and chat with close friends only, when you open the app directly show the camera to let you capture images or record video clips without the ability to add effects and filters to them.

There are shortcuts to some of the friends can set it to deal more quickly with three of the closest friends close to you.

Once you capture the image and the pressure to choose a friend they will send to him directly, here’s the app focuses on communication speed by removing unnecessary steps, so there is a lot to do with him, and let him be his own.

Download the application Threads on Android.

AutoResponder for Instagram:


In short, comes this new app to automate or auto-reply messages direct “DM” in Instagram, which allows to maintain the interaction with customers or with users.

In other words, the application enables you to AutoResponder for Instagram reply to direct messages “Instagram Direct”messages of your own custom.

As it can be for the narrow range of responses to be sent only to contacts specified, or are not sent to specific contacts, and much more.

Download app AutoResponder on the Android platform.

Algeo Graphing Calculator:

Algeo Graphing CalculatorAlgeo Graphing Calculator

Fill state machine these blanks left by the calculator default with Android, so come with a list of accounts an exciting idea, and can be used like a calculator calculus as well as an account of discrimination, symbolic, calculation of integrals and Taylor and more.

It also can be used like the intersect data scientific can with it do calculates triangles, calculate Radian and degree, State and much more.

Download app Algeo Graphing Calculator for Android.

GCA Launcher:

GCA LauncherGCA Launcher

This app was known as Symphlyx during the period of the experiments, and after that became available edition of the official and final the name of the GCA Launcher, which is a lightweight tool based on the design of the materials, the design elegant.

And car friend’s battery and government revenue the internal device. Therefore it is found the most users who carry phones with specifications low to medium.

With this car, there is support for the icons of the external, and its support for the icons to adapt, as well as the widget on the Home screen and lock screen.

Not only that, but there is support for gestures and customize the app drawer and a range of themes and much more.

Download the application to GCA Launcher on Android.

Firefox Preview Nightly:

تطبيقات أندرويد - Firefox Preview NightlyFirefox Preview Nightly

In short, this app is a mask development versions of the preview of the new browser Mozilla famous is dedicated to only users and experienced developers.

Here, lets you Browser the experience of the dark mode, or turn on automatic mode, which adapts the device settings, it says Firefox Nightly to ban ads of tracking with exceptions if you want.

Furthermore, the browsing anonymous can activate it and deactivate it with a single touch with full control over the information shared offline with Mozilla.

Download application Firefox Preview Nightly on Android.


تطبيقات أندرويد - PixticaPixtica

Another application of the new, which provides with a camera for the amateur and professional features allow you to take pictures and videos and GIFs in an innovative way.

The application on a large range of effects or filters backup and technical support feature of live preview.

There are options for manual control to adjust ISO, shutter speed, focus, exposure and white balance, exposure control, and more.

Download application Pixtica on Android.

Volume Panel Pro:

Volume Panel ProVolume Panel Pro

The last app in this group, which the application provides to the user a control panel the size of images inspired by the Android 9, Android 10.

So with him, can redeem the codes control the level of sound to one another, with the possibility of control in place, as well as the usability of the customization fully.

For example change the colors of the background and the cursor and Icon Management the sizes of the transmission media, ringtones, notifications, calls and more.

And by the way, the free version of the app comes support for ads, and of course get rid of them you have to buy the app is priced at 0.99$.

Download app Volume Panel Pro on Android.

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