10 properties maybe you don’t know in Facebook Messenger

Needs the application of Facebook Messenger for instant messaging on a lot of advantages and characteristics that might mitigate on the Users Current and new customers, from among those advantages:

1. Create a bot talks/Chatbot

You know of course that you can talk with the bot via Facebook Messenger, but you probably don’t know that you can create bot private your page on Facebook.

Open facebook and go to your page and select Page Settings/ Settings and then select Messaging/ Messaging. Look for Response Assistant and select Send Instant her replies to anyone who messages your Page, and type the message you want to send automatically to prevent see the your page.

2 – Create a shortcut to one of your contacts

With the accumulation of messages in the Facebook Messenger make it difficult to follow up important messages, so you can create shortcuts for contacts is important to follow up letters.

The application Facebook Messenger commented your finger on the contact that you want to create a shortcut and choose Create Shortcut from the menu that will appear you. To show the shortcut on the Home screen of your phone.

3 – the filming of a short video

Stuck your finger on the photo capture button in the app to start recording a video short period of 15 seconds and you can add filters before you send it.

4 – see the chat window

If you don’t suit you likes in conversations and you can change them by pressing the letter i in the corner of the conversation window top, and choose Emoji and you’ll see the list of anime available to choose from. You can choose the image for each chat window, as you can in the same way to change the names and color of the conversation window.

5 – games

If you feel bored you can press the + icon within the chat window and select the icon of the games and play many games with your friend without the application saves the result.

6 – share your code

I have Facebook Messenger QR code to each user, through his participation with others to add you to the list of their contacts. Access code press the icon of the file that carries your picture in the upper right corner of the home page of the app, showing you the HTML code is accompanied by the option to watch it or make a digital scan of the code to someone else.

7. save the photo automatically

To save photos you receive via the app will automatically press the profile icon from the main page of the application and select Photos & Media and then active the option to Save Photos. You can also activate the option to Save on Capture to save the photos that you take through the camera app in studio phone.

8 – access requests to the Messaging hidden

Access request Messaging from non-friends, click on the icon of the person who’s on the home page of the app and select Message Requests.

9 – the conversation Secret

You can always choose to conduct a confidential conversation with any of your contacts at any time, characterized these conversations with encryption End-to-end as well as the possibility of temporary placement of not to delete them after the passage of time.

To access it open the conversation window and press the icon with the letter i above, then choose Secret Conversations.

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