10 settings recommended series Galaxy M

Samsung launched both the Galaxy M10 and M20 running Android 8.1 with a light version of the interface experience, leaks suggest that the Android update 9 won’t come to phones Galaxy M by August 2019, so here’s the best settings that are recommended to change when you acquisition phones of the new series.

1) feature DOLBY ATMOS

Work feature increases the audio clarity and power, which is in the default closed and requires to be activated to connect the headphones to the ear then to the list of Quick Settings , and then click and hold on the icon of Dolby Atmos, let you to the settings for water allocation.

2) navigation gestures

Although it did not reach the rest of the Samsung phones but after the update to Android 9, you can phones Galaxy M10 and M20 activation navigation gestures from Settings > Display > Navigation Bar.

3) hide notes

Head to Settings > full screen applications where you will find the option to hide the camera.

4) show the percentage of battery charge

Head to Settings > Display > status bar and select Show battery percentage.

5) gestures reader insight

To show the Notifications section from the pull down on the reader fingerprint, go to Settings > Advanced settings and enable the option to gestures fingerprint sensor.

6) customize image resolution

An option exists the majority of the phones, which allows you to customize the sound from the speaker to be more in tune with your ear, and all you have to do it on the phones Galaxy the M10 and M20 is listening to tones of different frequency then the answer to every tone”yes” if you hear it or “not” if you don’t allow it.

You will find Option Bheat > sound and vibration > sound quality and effects > Adapt Sound > add a special profile.

7) the appearance of the lock screen

After dispensing screen feature permanent with the advent of the LCD screen, you can change the appearance of the former lock screen and show some of the elements such as the shift in the music file running in the background to do this, head to Settings, Lock screen and select the appearance of the previous color, and then directed to the choice widget (Facewidgets) and then add what you want from the elements.

8) disable the feature stories lock screen

This is recommended setting to reduce battery consumption, and can be implemented by clicking on the exclamation mark and close the display, or by going to Settings > Lock screen, where you will find the option.

9) customize the size of Windows applications

You can customize the size of the dimensions of the window of each application of the custom buttons will appear after you activate the option to display a pop-up “Pop-up view action” from Settings > Advanced Options > multiple windows.

You can now and you are inside any application to withdraw from the upper-right corner for the appearance of the buttons that make you move in the size of the application window and move it anywhere.

10) schedule a restart of the phone

Can to restart the phone to live format RAM and improves performance and addresses some problems, so there is the option of automatic restart that allows scheduling restart the phone so that they occur once a week at a certain time; you’ll find the option under Settings > General Management > restart.

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