10 stations changed smart phones forever, you know, we have

In our current era find smart phones are everywhere and do almost everything next to her job as a hobby, a connection to the internet and export platform games, etc. But how did you get the smart phones to this development, which meets most of the requirements of the user?.. Here’s the stages of evolution of smart phones since the beginning.

1 – 1992: Simon (Simon)

I started with IBM working on the first smart phone named Simon, was the first device that mixes mobile phone and Notepad personal electronic. Put up for sale by the year 1994 at a price of 899$. Came phone Simon LCD display monochrome size of 4.5 inches and a pen number, and the user can send and receive faxes, and written notes.

2 – 1996: Nokia commence (Nokia Communicator)

It wasn’t a Nokia phone commence just a phone, it was expressing the importance of the owner of the place, suddenly, its unique design at the time, to seem from the outside like a regular phone but it opens to reveal the LCD screen and the full QWERTY keyboard, it features a memory capacity of 8 MB and processor strongly 33 MHz, and allows the user to deal with software package Microsoft Office to read and modify files, to be one of the strongest and most important phones in that era.

3 – 2000: camera

Ask the company sharp “J-SH04” as the first mobile phone has a built-in camera. Although the phone was not put outside of Japan, but it was the first step towards what we see now, and mark a milestone in the development of smart phones.

4 – 2000: first smart phone

Put Ericsson phone R380 as the first smartphone in the world, and was the first mobile phone running the site (Symbian OS), and the appearance of any phone inverter from the outside, but when open it reveals a horizontal screen is great. As it contains distinct characteristics in time such as email, POP3/IMAP, and apply to the calendar and the last observations, as was the handwriting, supports connecting to the internet via numbers (dial-up).

5 – 2002: the world in your hands

We know the computer desktop as well as mobile computer, but many probably do not know that there is a device that holds the name of the Palmtop, and was not derived from the phones Palm sees smart, but it was the original. Were phones Palm you see a revolutionary leap in time properties such as the use of e-mail easily, and it was Palm Treo 270 of the first of those phones with color and internal memory capacity of 16 Mbytes.

6 – 2003: BlackBerry

Era, which took control of the company BlackBerry on world phones Quark smart, was the first to introduced integrated voice connectivity, and extended market of smart phones for a long time even featured by Apple.

7 – 2007: Apple

Is Steve Jobs the world forever, by announcing the first iPhone in the world, with surprised his company the world attractive design never seen before, user interface is easy to use, as was Apple first introduced the touch screen phone. Hijacked smart phones after the appearance of the iPhone forever, and longer days to what it was before.

8 – 2008: the appearance of Android phones

Came phone HTC Dream (or Google G1) as the first phone running Android see the world, and depends on the operating system Linux (Linux), which was purchased by Google and developed by the later. It was the first phone to exhibit the properties of copy-and-paste a list of the alerts drop-down Apps the home page. Since the operating system of the development of Google, the phone came with with my Gmail email and Google maps, which was a big jump in time.

9 – 2010: Samsung

Accepted Samsung’s challenge to Apple’s 2010 and the Galaxy S (Galaxy S), Camera 5 MP AMOLED screen Super sensitive to touch, to continue the Battle of control between them even today.

10 – 2013: Chinese invasion

Why are Chinese phones attention until 2013, when the company introduced Huawei and ZTE themselves for the American market and from there to the rest of the world. And even now the company plans of Chinese major steps towards greater market shares in the markets of smart phones, to get advanced positions in some, such as the Indian market and.

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