10 things to feature in 5G networks 4G

Started with the spring 2019 spring another heralds a new revolution in the world of communication; rather, in different areas, which is the spring of the fifth-generation networks 5G, which was launched a number of phones that support the technology, in conjunction with support by a number of telecommunications companies in some states. And those phones: (Galaxy S i) Galaxy S10 5G Samsung, and(OnePlus 7 Pro I) for OnePlus 7 Pro 5G.

But, the question remains who is many currently: what feature 5G of the fourth generation 4G? Is this about the increased speed – as the distinction of 4G networks from 3G – or is it broader than that?

Today, we present to you 10 Things featuring the 5G from the 4G:

1. Broadcast video strictly 8K

The fifth-generation networks for its ability to broadcast video strictly 8K with ease; without a delay time, thanks to the high speed provided by the technical promising, as you can move the same amount of data in a faster time, as you can during the time of the transfer of a larger amount of data, the time required to broadcast 4K without delay in 4G networks is enough to infuse thoroughly 8K in 5G networks.

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2. Massive amounts of downloads at a glance

The ability of the 5G networks to broadcast video strictly 8K without delay mean, of course, its capacity also on the video download 8K more quickly compared to networks of fourth generation 4G, and the same applies to different types of data, including: games, data, and applications.

3. Support the live broadcast of the games without delay like a stored on the device

Maligned for playing over the internet with mobile devices it is relatively slow, because of its dependence on the speed of the internet, the speed was slower suffered the game of some delay, but with the huge speeds offered by 5G it won’t happen, but you will be able to play as if the game is stored on your device.

4. Broadcast games virtual reality VR

And speaking of broadcast games, the virtual reality games will be better your speed and accuracy, thanks to provide 5G networks the speed is much higher compared to the networks of the fourth generation 4G. This is not to broadcast the games, but the events and conferences that are transmitted by way of virtual reality technology will be the best.

5. Broadcast events report virtual reality

Modern techniques, which are still rare, broadcast events with virtual reality, including: sporting events, but the lack of the spread of virtual reality glasses, double the speed of the current, it takes some time, but is expected to contribute to 5G in acceleration spread.

6. Increasing the live broadcast of events and occasions

It’s not about smartphones, but the live broadcast on TV will be better than before. With the techniques of the current broadcast, the company is restricted at low speeds, as it is constrained by the equipment large in size, such as: trucks broadcast.

7. Calls Export Council (holographic)

Provide fourth generation network 4G current the possibility to make video calls, but with the 5G it will be possible to make calls Export Council, which succeeded the company (Vodafone) in it already, which has been in place of the holographic networks 5G.

8. Improving technology augmented reality

Is the technology for augmented reality technologies emerging in recent years, however, they are still in the early stages, so the 5G has changed the future of this technology, with high speeds, can provide the experience of enhanced reality series with the best picture.

9. The proliferation of self-driving cars

May lead 5G an important role in the spread of self-driving cars, which have to operate effectively to be able to exchange data with other cars, and the smart, which requires the speed of internet is high, it is the promise of 5G networks.

10. Regions and cities smarter

Of the most important areas that produce the spread of the 5G’s (Internet of Things) IoT which includes the devices connected to the internet, which with it you will become and the more intelligent, including ability to monitor pollution, traffic, and pedestrian traffic, energy consumption, etc., in real-time.


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