10 trick WhatsApp 2018

5 خدع لواتساب 2018

Through this article, we will explore 10 features hidden in the WhatsApp 2018

1 – share your diary with specific people

You may sometimes need to share your diary with specific contacts and prevent the contacts of the other and to do this all you have to do is stop the Department of the situation and the pressure on the points of the three existing side and then click on the Privacy situation.

Went to the last option and is only shared with select people who you want to share your diary with them in case you want to prevent a particular person or only two people see your diary and let the rest just click on the icon pointing to the floor beside the search icon, and then remove the tag from people who don’t want them .

2 – modify the group information

As is known to the group available to the general member vote total freedom to modify the group name, description or picture, but this was previously where the WhatsApp has recently added a new option can manager the group of to choose if he wants to provide group settings to all members or only admins Vickers pressure on the group you want then click on the new option in the name of the Settings group, and enter to modify the group information and finally choose between to be available for Admins Only or all members .

3 – the space used

Through this feature you can find out all conversation as well as consumption of the internal space of the phone with the knowledge of the size of the total conversations and total video and audio to another so all you have to do is go to Settings, WhatsApp etc the pressure on the use of data storage then select the use storage and so will be the inclusion of all your conversations and next to each one you’ll find its area and when you click on any conversation you will find the total text and voice messages, photos, videos, and documents with the possibility to delete any of these items to connect a larger area by clicking on the Manage messages and then delete messages .

4 – did a friend banning me from WhatsApp?

To answer this question there is an easy way through which you can know whether the person intended to prohibit you or not all you have to do is create a new group and try to add it if added successfully, then he didn’t ban you, just removed his picture and hid another appearance if you get an error there is we have to tell you all I’m sorry that your friend has blocked you .

5 – Battle of he read the message on the group

When talking within a group on WhatsApp so much he thinks he can’t figure out who has read your message only in the case have been read by all of us in the group, but in fact you can that through the pressure of the lengthy letter and then pressing on the three points and then information will give your application a list of all of the read out the letter next to the time you received the message, and the time of the reading .

6 – process tests your conversations important

If you have important talks or a favorite and you want to access in the fastest time possible just by clicking on the conversation whether individual or collective, is lengthy then the pressure on the three points and choose the add a shortcut conversation and so when you go out for the home page you will notice that it has been added to test the conversation successfully and so can access it more quickly .

7 – install the conversations at the top

The Watts August in the year of 2017 the Add icon at the top of the app lets you install any conversation you want in the top, that even if new messages have arrived from other conversations will of the conversation selected is listed first, you only need to long press on the conversation and then click on the icon pin to install the chat located in the top .

8 – hide conversations

In case you had a private conversation and you want to hide them from the conversations list without mentioning it so no one can read it, click click lengthy on the conversation that you want to hide and then click on the icon to archive a conversation beside the points of the three settings you will notice that the conversation had disappeared and in order to access the tops of the conflict to another conversation and underneath the option to chat main finally click on them and you’ll find all of the talks hidden .

9 . What knows WhatsApp about you.

After the scandal of Facebook and that mirrored adversely on every app affiliates such as Instagram and WhatsApp, the company began to allow users of their applications request information that is known by the application about them where you can get a detailed report for all information that is known by the app you request the report, log in to Settings then Account and select Request Account Information and finally choose a request report here you must wait three days to even up your report and that to avoid that someone took your phone and request a report and steal all of your information after a lapse of three days, will continue to report the long-featuring everything you know WhatsApp, you as the IP network The related contact address your phone etc and you will notice that the report does not include any information about the messages, because the latter is encrypted and protected and no hand can reach .

10 . convert your number to the association brief

Login via services Iwtsp.com and enter your number and immediately after will give you a link to a brief you can send it to anyone this service allows several benefits, both for you or for the person who will text you. where you can track all the statistics about the salary of the number of visits or the state which came from the visits and what to the other party as soon as the transport on the link will be directed directly to the conversation without the need to add your number in his computer.

10 trick WhatsApp 2018

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