10 tricks should be on the users groups WhatsApp know

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With groups WhatsApp and various forms of people, and if you use the application WhatsApp regularly you’ll be part of a group of at least one if not more, but these groups are not a large number of problems, it has been used to spread hatred, generate spam, however there are a lot of positives also.

Think of all the groups related to the work that you have, imagine the time needed to implement all the things if these groups are not present, for example, companies use small groups WhatsApp to increase sales, it can be for people from different locations making travel plans by using these groups, make a group around your on the lookout for the latest happenings around you, in addition to the many advantages possessed by the groups WhatsApp certainly, it also can improve these advantages if you know how to use it to the fullest.

10 tricks should be on the users groups WhatsApp know

Control of the message

Chat-style of individual, you can check the status of reading in the group messages, WhatsApp two types of delivery reports, have been shopping and reading.

As soon as the message is delivered to the members, derive their names under the delivery address and delivery time specified, if the operating receipts of reading, you’ll be taken its name from the settlement that has been delivered to the classification of reading when you read the message.

To view the status of the message, double tap long on the sent message and click on the icon “i” in the top bar, and on the next screen you will get the delivery status.

Private conversation

Send a private message to a member of a group from within the group itself, you only need to click on the name of the person in the chat, you will get a popup window containing three options, Messaging and voice call and a video call, click on the message to start the conversation in particular.


If you want to tell one of the group members with something in the same group, you can mark them, this will prevent the burial of your messages down the group messages that are countless.

To refer to someone, just enter @ in the writing area, you will know WhatsApp all the names of the members, click on the name of the person you want to refer to.

Search in the group messages

Suppose you want to check a very important message sent by your friend a few days ago in the Group, is usually scrolling through all the messages to find the original message, fortunately it makes WhatsApp is extremely easy to find messages within communities and even chat individual.

Click on the icon three points in any series of talks, group or private, you will find search option, click on it and type your search term followed by the key search, you can use the arrows next to the search box to move to the next word.

Search for links and documents

While you can use the method above to search for links and documents, there is a search button, a separate media, now you might wonder why two of the buttons to the sea? The reason is simple, in order to make things simpler and faster for you, for example, if you are looking for link tips Facebook, it makes sense that are looking for directly within the links.

To search for media in a group, follow these steps:

  • Open the group and click on the top bar, then click media on the next screen.
  • Click on documents or links, followed by search that appears in the upper left corner, and enter the search term and you will find WhatsApp on the spot links or documents not this term.

Search for group members

In addition to the features of the above research, there is other research available in the collections of WhatsApp, if the group consists of more than 50 people, will be searching for particular person is daunting, but fortunately you have a feature to search members.

To find a member in your group, open the group and click on the top bar, on the next screen, click the Search icon small next to the names of the participants, and then enter the first letters of the member name.

The group description

The application WhatsApp recently introduced the feature to add a description to a group, where you can now add a small description for your current or new, whether you are a supervisor or an ordinary member, you can modify the group description.

To add the description of the group, open the group and click on the top bar, then click on the add a group description, enter the description that you want to keep.

Support via the link

Like other advantages, make WhatsApp easy to join groups, often do not have the constructor set the contact number for all persons who wants to include them to the group, and in such cases the administrator can only share the referral link with other members who can then redirect the link to more people.

To create a link group, open the group info screen and click on the option to invite via the link, in the next screen, choose the broker to see the link, and when you want to stop others from joining the group, you can revoke the link on this screen by clicking on the option to cancel the link.

Add a group of moderators

Know the supervisors in the communities over the mess that can get you, and the presence of multiple departments a very logical solution to avoid a lot of the things that may occur, say WhatsApp, by default, transfer the admin rights to the member if you leave the group, however the administrator can use this feature to transfer rights to the person who trusts him.

To do this, go to the info page of the group and keep the name of the participant you want to transfer the rights to it, click on the name that you want to be a project group, and to cancel the rights of the admin click on his name and click on the reject as an administrator.

Ignore groups WhatsApp

If you are part of the groups annoying and you want to receive messages constant, you can ignore them, for that you can click on the group at length and then clicking on the mute icon located in the top bar, instead you can ignore the group information page, the Group also by enabling the option to ignore notifications.

10 tricks should be on the users groups WhatsApp know

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