10 useful tools you might not know existed in Windows 10

Includes Windows 10 has many features that can assist in the completion of the task, here are 10 tools and features you may not know:

1) schedule

Since the update of April 2018, registration of the feature to schedule tasks that you made to Windows 10 during the last 30 days, so that you can resume what you do on any program with him, and you can view the schedule through the icon to display the task to the taskbar or click on Windows button + Tab at the same time, as you can disable the feature by going to your privacy settings.

2) the interface of virtual desktop

To improve productivity, you can isolate programs from each other in different interfaces for desktop, you can open the interface of the desktop of the new button Task View or by clicking the Windows button + Tab key together, and click on the button +New desktop upstairs.

3) the portfolio attributable to the

You can retrieve what his version of the text files for the Windows button + V, but that requires the activation of the water first, access the system settings.

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4) Common near

It is a feature that allows to share files between several computers wirelessly based on the Bluetooth and Wi-Fi; you can check file feature from Settings > System > share experiences > and shared across devices, then simply click on any file, right click, and choose “common”.

5) get rid of unnecessary files

System updates or files to the trash can. or file transfers or temporary files from browsing the internet may take much space of disk storage, but by heading to Settings > System > Storage you’ll find the option to dump the space now where it gives you the option to delete some files, and another option to unload the space that they occupy some of the files automatically every period of time.

6) the date of the files

If you keep the content of the mission in the Office files or documents, contacts, or favorites, they should be using the history feature files that you capture a picture of all the files and save them on external storage or device connected to the internet every hour, so you know what happened to change it and retrieve whenever you want.

The water part of the tool, backup the existing Settings Update & security > backup, where you can click on the + button to add external storage or device, and then choose auto-copy, to share a copy of personal files automatically, this you can check in the settings to backup files that are shared for the “other options” from the same window.

7) list of abbreviations speed

They feature an old, clicking on the icon to start the right mouse button you’ll find a list of many useful shortcuts like Device Manager and Task Manager.

8) automatic lock

A feature within the Settings, log in account, you can activated to lock the case and prevent the extremists from lose. whenever I smiled; work cross-connect the phone to the computer via Bluetooth, the out of range of the Bluetooth is locked case, with the knowledge that the water affect the battery life of case and phone.

9) Al black

Instead of white color for Windows applications and Chrome browser, you can activate the option default skin to dark from the Settings > customization > then, to the colors, to Greens and dark where it replaces the white color in black.

10) control system and device

If you encounter computer issues, you might like to know of programs, or gear equal to it, and here comes the role of the Observer windows, a feature you can find it by typing “Reliability” with a tool to search in Windows, for information about the programs and gear, which faced his problems and date problems.

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