10 ways to carry out iOS 14 your privacy

It is known that Apple is focusing on privacy, and points of sale and marketing. So the company is focusing on privacy in their updates continuously. But not every update you get the privacy on the number of updates obtained by the iOS 14. So you know the 10 ways will try iOS 14 on your privacy.

10 طرق يحمي بها iOS 14 الخصوصية والأمان لجهازك

Index use the camera and microphone.

10 طرق يحمي بها iOS 14 خصوصيتك

True that the iOS system sends alerts when an application tries to access the camera or microphone in the background. But this did not work alerts through your use of the application. So if you try the application you give permission to use the camera or microphone, such as Facebook access during your use of the application but not these features necessarily you won’t know he’s trying to do that.

This was a kiss. Now became iOS displays an indicator in green in the top of the screen to use the camera like a Mac. The microphone puts the indicator Orange. In this way you can learn while trying to apply what’s accessible. As you can see which application is trying to access these resources by opening the Control Center.

Watch the website offers buyer only

Many applications want to know your location. Both apps connect the food or the weather or the stores you want to know your country to limit you to the store. You don’t need a lot of these apps to access your precise location but this is the case currently. Where are able to any application to allow it access to your location specifically. But with iOS 14, you can let the applications do not need this precision access for appreciation only. Where the app displays the intermediate region where there is appreciation only states know your location exactly.

I think I’m not going to let development Facebook more than this.

See pictures of the specific

I think that the system asks you before the arrival of any application page. But this command was giving the app permission to access all of the images. In addition to the value attached to pictures, such as where it was taken. Now you can allow the app to access the voice of only a specific entity does not possess the key to look at your photos different as he wants.

Panel permissions in the App Store

With the launch of the system iOS 14, Apple is planning to add the panel in the App Store under each application. And this color on the list of all permissions that will be called by the application. So you know and before the download it even. Unfortunately will be the information provided by the developer himself. We don’t know after you will be verified by Apple or its accuracy.

Insurance portfolio women

Maybe I didn’t think about it before. But the text copied is placed in the portfolio copy is available in all parts of the system. So you can all applications have access to it when you want to paste the text you anywhere. Or even for reasons related to the features of other useful. But, unfortunately, nothing to take away from the fraud loss researchers discovered a security that there are a lot of applications that trigger the clipboard continuously without an order from you. Maybe you want these apps access to the card information to the bank you copied or something.

Now should be iOS in the top of the screen when you try to any application access to a portfolio of your own version.

Additional efforts to prevent the tracking

Have you looked on Amazon or nun kiss on a product and then I went to Facebook to find ads for this product? This is due to the possibility of tracking between the different locations which keeps Apple fought for a long time. You could have accepted to go to the settings and tracking. But now you get an alert specially when you try to any tracking application activity you have to watch it. You can even opt out of tracking every time.

Note that this will not prevent the ads from appearing. But it will be random ads nothing to do with you.

Security passwords recorded

Passwords the usual way to bad to maintain security. There are solutions to make them better and manage them through the use of security procedures and applications of management you can lose it in –this article-. But the reality is that a lot of users don’t use these applications. So Apple decided to put some of its advantages in the center of your passwords for. Where the system will warn you, when you revealed the password easy to guess or when the exposure your password in a large breach.

Step on the road to abolition passwords

As we mentioned also –at this link– many mesh companies are trying to move to the password completely and move to the future more secure. So Apple has the support of the keys to the actual entry which is used to login instead of password with system-iOS 13.3. It also broadened the scope in iOS 14 for you to login to sites in Safari by finger print or face only without the password of the foundation.

Of course websites must adopt water to work, but several of the big calls they already. It also depends join Apple for passengers a big boost for passwords in the future.

Safety devices on WiFi networks

Now with iOS 14 the system will warn you when you when you try any search application on other devices connected to the same Wi-Fi network to which you connect. You can either grant permission or refuse it.

And the safety of your identity also

There is a special title for any device that connects to Wi-Fi. Whether it’s a phone or a computer or any other device address, called a MAC address. This address is fixed and the other variable on the opposite IP address. Wi-Fi networks can see this address as soon as you google him and even without that call. She was use to places like the shops accepted in the tracking of users. So, with iOS 8 Apple has changed the system to do a random number you see these networks. But when you’re connected to what he is watching your real number.

Now you can make a private connection through a random number when you connect to Wi-Fi public and the like. So as not to share your identity and never when you don’t want to do that.

We talk a lot at the mention of privacy features and security. What about you? And what do you think about this features?



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