10 ways to take advantage of your smartphone old

Although the life time of smartphone is up to 3 years, but some people thought change his phone with the most recent each year, but the new phone does not mean dispensing entirely with the old, here’s 10 ways to reuse your old smart phone.

1 – Surveillance Camera indoor

About your old phone Surveillance Camera this way

You can use your phone after downloading an application such as IP Webcam as a surveillance camera inside the home, as it allows for the application via its web page view the live video through the phone camera, and record it.

2 – The GPS inside the car.

You can use your old smartphone as a navigation while driving a car, saving your phone’s battery current, all you have to do is update the application of Google Maps..

3 – a framework for digital images

You can use old phone or tablet old, after downloading an application such as Digital Photo Frame, as the frame is fixed on your desk to display photos.

4 – a media player

About mobile your peer this way.

You can use the old phone to view the video, photos, and music via the TV or use the music player and plug it into speakers.

5 – remote control

Most modern devices come with a remote control, and if you have an old phone with IR, you can download an application like Easy Universal TV Remote to turn your phone for your remote control, it can control all the home devices.

6 – platform games

According to the possibilities of the phone you can download what you like from the games, with the deletion of all other applications is used to save space, and save your phone’s battery current.

7 – reader’s letter

You can use the old phone as a reader electronic books, digital and enjoy to carry hundreds of digital books in your pocket, and read them at any time.

8 – Hotspot to run Internet

In case of the need for a wireless network and its non-availability in Office for any reason, you can use the data plan on your old phone and convert it for broadcast of a wireless network by activating the Hotspot feature.

9 – experience new applications

If you are a fan of learn software Android, these old lets experience applications and modify them and see the results, various studies point out shortcuts to some of the things before applying them on the new phone, such as الـRoot.

10 – The first smart phone for your child

You can simply give your old smart phone for your child, when the time is right to do so, without the cost of buying an extra phone to how to use smart phones.

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