10 women entrepreneurs in the areas of artificial intelligence and data

The ladies who work in the areas of Science and technology in the past don’t have a wide reputation, as was their opportunities to work in those areas are few compared to the opportunities available to men, but with the great technological development during the recent period, there were names for many of the women achievers in various technical areas, such as: artificial intelligence, and data.

In the following 10 women were forerunners in the fields of artificial intelligence, and data:

1 – Sylvia Chiapa Silvia Chiappa:

Work (Sylvia) researcher specializing in artificial intelligence in a company (Deep Mind) owned by Google, and a PhD in artificial intelligence and her research interests in several areas such as: deep learning, and(Time Series models) Time-series Models, and(inferred Alleppey condolences) Bayesian reasoning, and other related branches of artificial intelligence.

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Share Sylvia has also authored a book (Bayesian Time Series Models), as it worked before. I have a lab Microsoft Research in Cambridge, United Kingdom.

2 – Carla Gentry Carla Gentry:

Enjoy (Karl) up to 20 years of experience in the field of data, and has worked for many major companies during her career, she’s stuck offline data company (Analytical Solution), and has super skills in relation to analysis of the data needs of companies, and planning to meet those needs.

Worth noting she is very active on the social media platform, where you share good content about data science, and the nature of her account on LinkedIn is currently more than 371 thousand follow-up.

3 – Cynthia pretzel Cynthia Breazeal:

She (Cynthia) founded the company (Jibo) in 2012, a company specializing in the production of social robots Social Robots, which have the ability to interact with human, it can be acquired and used in homes.

As you say pretzel to invest part of their energy and time as a professor at MIT, where she founded the group specialized in personal robots, and wrote a book about the design of social robots, she published more than 100 articles about artificial intelligence, robotics, and interaction between robot and human, and other related topics.

4 – Nikita Johnson Nikita Johnson:

She (Nikita) the establishment of a company (RE.Work) to organize conferences, exhibitions and seminars related to creativity, science and entrepreneurship, the company aims in particular to organize events related to the field of artificial intelligence.

Company aims to work to enable the integration between the creative processes of new businesses; and to find smart solutions to global problems.

5 – Rachel Thomas Rachel Thomas:

She (Rachel) to participate in the establishment of the website (fast.ai), which offers free training courses in the areas of artificial intelligence different, has worked this site in attracting more than 200 thousand students from all over the world to join a training course on deep learning.

It is also a professor at the University of San Francisco, and a speaker in topics related to artificial intelligence, has joined to work previously with AWeber in the beginning of its foundation.

6. in Li Fei-Fei Li:

Is (to me) of the months ladies specialized in the field of computer vision Computer Vision is the field branch of the field of artificial intelligence, focuses on the development of the computer; to be able to recognize objects existing in the images.

Got (me) a doctorate degree from (the California Institute for development), Caltech; now run the post of director of the artificial intelligence laboratory at Stanford University, and as associate professor in the Computer Science Department of the college.

In the year 2017; joined to the company Google in particular section (cloud computing) Google Cloud as a chief scientist in the artificial intelligence and machine learning.

7 – Latanya Sweeney Latanya Sweeney:

Work (LaTanya) professor of technology, and director of the laboratory data privacy at the University (Harvard), she also previously held the position of chief technical experts in the Federal Trade Commission of America (FTC).

As a professor of technology at the University (Harvard); working on the innovation and use of technology to assess and solve problems of social, political, and governmental, and to teach others how to do the same thing, which is what is known as the scientific study of the impact of technology on humanity, and has made many achievements related to the identification, techniques of privacy.

Submitted LaTanya recent search revolutionoh, about the existence of racial bias in the algorithms of artificial intelligence, where they have proved the existence of racial discrimination of statistical significance in the presentation of advertising based on searches, it has raised questions about the fact that the algorithm ad from Google reveals a racial bias in the community, and how can require to ensure racial justice.

8 – Caitlin Smallwood Caitlin Smallwood:

Run (Caitlin) as vice-chairman of the Department of science data and analysis in the company (Netflix) Netflix, where her team creates models and new algorithms that improve service, such as: the allocation of the recommendations of the entertainment for each member, and to predict popular movies, television programs, new product; to enrich the investment in content marketing, and improved production.

Prior to joining (Netflix) in 2010, (Caitlin) work in a company (Intuit) for the software industry, he also served in the period from 2005 to 2007; and as director of data solutions in the company (Yahoo) Yahoo.

I got Caitlin a master’s degree in operations research from the University (Stanford), and Bachelor of Science in mathematics from the college (William and Mary) William and Mary.

9 – Megan Pryce, Megan Price:

Megan is the executive director (for Group data analysis for Human Rights) Human Rights Data Analysis Group since 2015, where she works on designing strategies and methods for statistical analysis of human rights Data Project, and in a range of countries including: Guatemala, Colombia, and Syria.

Megan is a member in the Technical Advisory Board of the Office of the prosecutor at the International Criminal Court, research fellow at the University Center Carnegie Mellon’s science and Human Rights.

Got Ph. D (biostatistics) Biostatistics from Emory University, she also holds a master’s degree in science and statistics from Case Western Reserve University.

10 – Joanna Schloss Joanna Schloss:

Run (Joanna) now serves as the vice president of Product Marketing at the company (Sauce Labs), where expertise in the management of information and data, payment strategies, the marketing of products and methodologies, as a result of its previous president of Product Marketing at the company (Datameer).

Her areas of expertise include Big Data Analytics, Business Intelligence, Business Analytics, and data storage, where she worked for 4 years in the position of a company (Del to) the Dell Center of excellence; and specializing in data and information management, and has successfully launched a large number of products, ranging from analytical applications that focus on Business, and even the tools data storage.

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