10 years on the application of Watts August

10 years on the application of Watts August

Contains WhatsApp this week the tenth anniversary of its launch for the first time in February 2009 on the platform of my Android and Apple TV .

The application was transferred to the fleet ownership of Facebook in 2014 , after five years of its launch, a giant deal that reached approximately 22 million dollars .

Today, the application enters approximately 1.5 million users monthly, according to the last digit of the Official been announced last year.

Description of the app to half a million monthly users in April 2014 , and then to a million users a day in July 2017 .


This occasion ask the administration app a short video clip listing the advantages of the app focuses on the human side of communication, as have been fired (Per) for the sequence of arrival of different benefits over ten years for the investigation.

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