11 advice for visual content in YouTube

Days ago arrived my channel in the YouTube barrier of 111 thousand subscribers, has decided -on this occasion – to write 11 advice to both the owner of the channel youtube beginner or advanced, has summarized those tips from my experience which lasted more than two years in rehab platform youtube.

My channel is educational in the first place, but whatever the quality of the channel, those videos only way to share experience and the possession of every one of, and posted it throughout the digital world, bringing to him all of the benefit now and in the future, all of us -especially to overcome thirty years of age – can be a maker of content, the owner of the canal or city code, you can leave his mark in his field or even in the field of experience of public life that public interest in all their interests.

1. Spread to leave an impact

YouTube is a way to see the impact, for the manufacture of the fingerprint remain after death, a way to earn favors by to be a way to earn their dollars, the way to deal with the world, to exchange experiences, effective way to see the world or hear your voice, a way of self-realization and its on the tender next to the introduction.

Of course is a way to earn money as well, earn money one of the stimuli is important work, no doubt about it, but the issue is related to priorities, as to the financial return of visual content and especially the tutorial is not that large, there are of the simple jobs that he could win return on YouTube that requires a lot of effort and time to prepare content that is of high quality, so let that be a goal of ever-present before your eyes: creation to leave a mark.

2. Enjoy his accomplishment in numbers

Can’t be used in a particular work and you can’t stand it, the pleasure and the happiness that our hearts while age is the biggest what help us to continue and accomplishment and creativity, try to win on his accomplishment to the numbers of viewers and the number of likes or subscribers, it might kill the spirit of creativity in your heart since the beginning, you probably will start from scratch, will not encourage you the numbers to continue, so the solution is to look at the video after it is published and meditating in the beauty and mastery, then seek it, even if you didn’t watch not 10 or 100 people, It is enough to see you feel proud after every new post.

3. Mastered the strategy launch.

Previously written about this strategy and how you can start your journey site, concise and to focus more on quality rather than quantity at the beginning of the track, and then intensify the process of publishing videos, after that up to a good number of followers, and spend part of your time and effort at the outset in the marketing of those videos and the definition of interested with your submission of the content, so you have the basic rule that help you on the tee and drive creativity forward.

4. Put the character of your personal

There’s a YouTube of the alien named “Peter McKenna” offers educational content in regard to photography and editing next to videos of everyday life (fallujah), but the lessons offered by bring the number of consultations is too large, while there are a lot of lessons similar to what he offers on YouTube and only get a few views, and one of the important causes of the turnout of people on his videos is the personal nature of these lessons.

Doesn’t have to be your dogs official 100%, you provide the educational content, the people committing the bombings is not due to the content only, and most importantly, the owner of the content, of his character that appear in all the videos you make, the higher a person is honest and spontaneous as was the relationship between the participants and the owner of the channel relationship more humane, and thus was the link to the bomb more powerful.

5. Comments come videos

The largest source of new ideas for the industry the content is in the comments box, there’s a -you videos – hide new ideas, he’s enjoying the thoughts unyielding, you posted the video state responses and posts and most importantly (questions), the questions might not have been on your mind, because you’re an expert or interested in the domain in which it operates, you’re able to produce content that meets their desires and answer their questions, and then have the benefit of a publication up to everyone who comes after them.

6. Write a Reply or send a heart

Come with the comments in my gratitude and be thankful for each who leaves a positive comment or adds information called useful, don’t be rude and not reply on Thanksgiving, imagine that constitutes you one people in a public place and then not adhere to it and don’t say no (excuse me) at least, I know that it may be difficult, especially when increasing the number of participants and become comments on the videos by the hundreds or thousands, so it has worked for you youtube a beautiful property icon a small like draw a heart, you can click them simply to think that you have read the comment and grateful for it.

7. Investment in learning montage

Video that offers good content, needs to come out in a good way, the essence and the most important, but appearance is also important, and even if you conceived spontaneously and videos as you move in front of the camera, you need the art of montage and editing video through specialized programs, so invest in yourself and learn how to deal with one of these popular programs, in order to be able to edit the video and delete the unimportant parts and add some phrases and references, illustrations and other things more professional will help to distinguish your videos and then easily spread.

8. Investment in learning design

You might think the decision to watch your video on two things, not three of them, the title of the video and audio icons, and that picture needs to be distinctive and help attract the viewer to it, I’m not saying to be the image of the “singer” serve the user with something not real or away from health, but to reflect the image from the video content but in a distinctive, sleek and attractive, and you may need to complete this is to use software specialized design, so investing in learning design skills through those programs is a successful investment will my benefits today and tomorrow.

9. Suitable make creative

Is there strong competition in your field who publishes it? Is all, because that competition is the biggest motivator for you to creativity, to provide a better than they don’t make those videos and Channels get you down, you are able also on the creativity and production, it may require greater effort and thinking deeper until you reach the new ideas and then the content is a great benefit.

10. The importance of sea access

Everyone should try a quick search or long for a theme that would talk about it or publish it, even if you are an expert in your field, don’t mind to learn on what has already been published about this either within YouTube or outside it, in order to don’t hate the soldiers, and in order to add value and usefulness over what was said And what had been published, or to expand the perimeter of your knowledge so the video is more comprehensive and inclusive and becomes the passing of time and the benefit of all interested even after I spend years long.

11. Set the title of the video early.

I used to write the title of the video before I start to set it up, and in most cases I have to disable it most of the time during editing and output, the title is the gateway to the video tariff, it’s that short sentence that you choose what’s inside in a concise and, so the question of writing the title of a creative is not easy, especially-as we mentioned – they may challenge the decision of the viewer in the selection of your video without the other, so start thinking about the title before, during and after the preparation of the video.

And finally …

I will repeat the article that says some content makers: Keep Uploading

Keep publishing, but before you post anything, ask yourself the following: do you, my son will be proud of you while watching the video that I made while growing up, and the other thing and most importantly, would you be pleased that content when you find it right there in front of you in the next life?

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