11 an important feature forgotten by the users of Android

During the first decade of life, Android, all came to update a lot of nurses, received a large share of the month, including what has become in limbo the lack of talk about it, or of limited distribution, here, we will highlight the important characteristics are widespread but not used by a lot of users.

Application shortcuts in the Home screen

Rarely used shortcuts to applications because it is a bit subtle, since the Android platform 7.1 and the icon of the app gives a quick list to get access to certain parts of the app not the Home screen.

You can use the application shortcuts instead of the app icon in some cases; if you enter on the Subscriptions section always after opening the YouTube, you might want to replace the app icon, in short contributions.

Notification Center and Quick Settings

The clouds once down from the main screen takes you to the designated place to display your notifications, and again etc settings fast, but what not many know to drag the Home screen down with two fingers missing settings fast immediately.

Disable battery optimizations

Hotel improvements the battery the app works in the background may affect the efficiency of the work of some of the applications such as tracking fitness, so it is recommended to disable these improvements for some applications that pose in their impact.

Setting Night Mode

Activate Night Mode , which resides within the Settings screen in Android versions the last represents the sunset, where at least the emission of the blue color of the phone screen reduces insomnia and protects the eyes especially during the use of the phone in.

Open the camera fast.

In a lot of Android phones can open the camera through the quick shortcuts highlighted by clicking twice on the play button.

Use the sky-right or left

If you use one end of the earpiece, you can focus the photo by 100% in the party that you are using.

To implement it, head to the Settings app and look for mono audio or mono audio (depending on the language of your phone) to show the appropriate option in the list of access (Accessibility) often.

End the calls right-operating

Can the play button to end calls, an option usually available a list of access you can search the application settings for typing the power button or the Power Button.

Install screen

Look for the option to install the screen or screen pinning usually located within the settings for security and Privacy usually, which you can install the screen of any application whenever you want, so you can’t move them only to enter your fingerprint or password.

Why is this option important? When you want to eat your phone to someone, and you don’t want it to come out of the app and shake the content of the post, you can click and hold on the button “recent” and install the app (after you activate the option from settings) so that he can’t get out of it or close it only your fingerprint or password.

Delete temporary files and

Option to delete files or cache memory available capacity of all the application which you can access from the settings, you can also access the fast option of some file management apps like Files by Google.

To delete these temporary files don’t respect the content stored on your phone, it file a web pages have been downloaded and have not deleted the app for speed reference without the need to download it again. Besides saving space by deleting these files, this procedure can solve the problems of applications sometimes.

Add a message to the lock screen

You will find the option of adding a short message to the lock screen within the Settings screen.

Reduce the duration of effects animation

Can notice the difference in execution speed on the phone after speed up animated effects of the phone which occur during the development from one window to another, and you can change the speed of effects movement from the choice of the length of the animated graphics is located under Settings > System > options/Developer options; if you do not find the “options/Developer Options” click too much on the option “About phone” in Settings > System, even tells you activate the option/choice of the developer.

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