11 applications that extend the capabilities of your Android smartphone

Root access is an integral part of the world of the Android operating system. With their help you can greatly expand the functionality of the system. However, not many users know that there is a more advanced version of root. Not so long ago we told about what Magisk and what are its advantages. And today we will tell about what additional features can be achieved using software designed specifically for it.

Keep in mind that no installation Magisk you will not be able to use the following options. So first check out our previous story on this topic.

In addition, there is another important point: most of the modules and add-ins can be installed from the app Magisk. Otherwise the corresponding program will be given a link in the description of its functions.


This module allows you to download and use apps from the Google Play store. What’s so special? Well, for example, you can download and use Samsung Email, not even on the Samsung. How about Asus Weather or Razer Game Booster, which is available only exclusively on their respective smartphones? Now with the exclusivity gone.


QuickSwitch enables, as the name suggests, quick way to switch between launchers. Without restarting the device, select other options and other “body language”.

iOS12.1 Emoji

Apple is constantly expanding the set of emoticons Emoji with each new version of their mobile OS. These emoticons can be very good to diversify your communication. In addition, the library emordi added regularly. Now it will be updated on your Android smartphone.


Blobmoji was a great alternative to the already mentioned features. However, Google decided to “kill” them with one of the next Android updates. Now you can return these emoticons, if you suddenly miss them.

Sans Google Font

This module Magisk, as you can guess, will allow you to change the font throughout the operating system. In some programs, this version of the font looks much nicer and more appropriate than OneUI.


Pix3lify brings some unique features Google Pixel on any smartphone. Fonts, ringtones, Wallpaper, the redesigned user interface, advanced work with some apps, gesture, Google Lens, Google Camera, and much more.


Oxy-ify similar to Pix3lify the only difference is that it transfers the functions of Oxygen OS on any Android device. Oxygen OS is a very popular version of the green robot, which is valued primarily for the nice interface and smooth operation. Now all this can be on your smartphone.

Dolby Atmos Sound

If your device has a pretty weak sounding speaker, you should try Dolby Atmos Sound. It increases the speaker volume of your smartphone. In addition, thanks to this application you can also improve the quality of the audio signal. Dolby Atmos provides you with a very advanced built-in equalizer.

Download Dolby Atmos Sound

Universal GMS Doze

Google introduced a Doze mode in Android Nougat. Its essence is that when your smartphone is locked and lying on the table, the system translates it into a deeper sleep mode, disabling some apps and putting them in hibernation mode. The exception to this list of applications is Google Play Services. With this app and Google will “fall asleep” and to spend less battery reserve.

Download Universal GMS Doze

Camera2API Enabler

Some manufacturers, such as Xiaomi or Huawei, limit third-party apps to use the camera. This module removes the restrictions and you can use all native features of devices in any (more advanced than basic) application.

Download Camera2API Enabler

YouTube Vanced

YouTube Vanced — is an application that unlocks several features not available in mobile version. For example, the PiP mode (picture-in-picture), a higher resolution video (up to 4K) and even the ability to block ads.

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