11 feature hidden in iOS 13, iPadOS

The company launched the Apple TV before the days of the public beta of the operating systems of the affiliate, including system (iOS 13) iOS 13 the The their portable, which came with many new features, which have already been announced by the company during the annual developers conference of its own (WWDC 2019) held in the month of May last.

The most notable advantages that came out (iOS 13), as well as the operating system of your computers iPad new (iPad iOS) iPadOS: support dark mode, the advantages of improved privacy, and the appearance of new maps Apple. Have talked to Apple about the most prominent advantages during conference (WWDC 2019), but after the launch of the public beta version of the system showing the presence of hidden advantages not revealed by the company.

Here, we present to you 11 advantage of the best advantages of new hidden found in (iOS 13), such as charging the battery, support the use of bar my SIM in the messaging app (iMessage) iMessage, in addition to the possibility of using the mouse for cell phone iPhone, or computer iPad.

Charging the battery.

May cause the battery of the iPhone completely, then leave it connected to the charger for a long period of time, to damage over time. Aims new option in the (iOS 13) to help prolong battery life by learning the habits of your shipment, in order to prevent the battery from charging immediately to 100%.

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If you charge your phone at night during sleep, the option (battery charging station) the Optimized Battery Charging will keep the phone battery level at 80% for most of the night, and then complete the twenty percent remaining of shipping before you wake up.

In order to use this new feature: go to (Settings) Settings > (Battery) Battery > (Battery Health), Battery Health, where you can activate the option (battery charging station) the Optimized Battery Charging.

11 feature hidden in iOS 13, iPadOS

Support the search feature in the app (iMessage).

Of common problems in the application messaging (iMessage) is the ability to search for previous messages, since it didn’t work. Now, the situation has changed, as you can search for a word, or phrase, to show the results immediately. But our experience, can open the Messages app, then drag down to show the search field, and then write what you want to search for.

Search for iPhone using your voice.

In any of the apps from the Apple that you see in the search bar, you will now notice an icon of microphone on the right side. Clicking this microphone, you can search what you want using your voice instead of typing.

11 feature hidden in iOS 13, iPadOS

Share photos with location information or without the.

Now you can share photos from the Photos app of your iPhone (Photos) with the removal of location information, including sharing photos on social networking sites, email, and messages. It can be done by clicking on (options) Options in the photo application at the top of the screen, then turn off the run (website) Location of the section (modulated) Include.

11 feature hidden in iOS 13, iPadOS

A new indicator of the level of the sound.

This is another feature that is long overdue, it has been the index of the current volume – which covers the entire screen – annoying; especially during the scenes apps, such as YouTube. Now the index is small shows on the side of the screen only.

Application iMessage, and FaceTime support dual SIM Dual SIM.

This feature is more important for users in the business sector, or who travel frequently, who need more of a partner connection. The Apple TV had added support for my partner’s connection with the launch of my phone (iPhone X-s), and(for iPhone X-s Max), and(for iPhone X-RN), however, has been Apple TV does not support only one phone number with my app (iMessage), and(FaceTime).

Delete apps from the screen update.

Of the advantages that came out (iOS 13) also support the removal of installed apps from the screen update, by the clouds towards the left on the name of the app, and then choose (Delete) Delete.

11 feature hidden in iOS 13, iPadOS

Advertising messages via (Siri) has become restricted to contacts that you choose.

If you have on ear headphones (are) AirPods, you will notice that it became possible digital assistant (Siri) Apple read incoming messages to you without the need for any intervention from you, you can also reply to it by voice commands only.

Can access this feature by: (settings) Settings > (Notifications) Notifications > (declaration messages with Siri) Announe Messages with Siri, there can be selection announcement messages from your contacts only.

11 feature hidden in iOS 13, iPadOS

Use your mouse to control the iPhone, the iPad.

It has become possible to actually control the iPhone, or computer, iPad tablet via the mouse, or plates to trace. You can also customize shortcuts to specific tasks, such as: refer to the main screen, in the settings menu.

And post a link to your mouse, go to: (Settings) Settings > (Accessibility) Accessibility > (multi-touch) Touch > (multi-touch plugin) Assistive Touch > (pointing devices) Pointing Devices, where you can customize how your mouse.

11 feature hidden in iOS 13, iPadOS

Removed the limitation of the size of the app on cellular data.

Gave us the Apple TV and finally the option to remove borders download in the Store (App Store) App Store. The sense that you can, if you want, download the game larger than GB in the data plan for your cellular.

Go to: (Settings) Settings > iTunes & App Store > (and app downloads) App Downloads, where you can get rid of the current maximum size of the download, which is 200 GB.

11 feature hidden in iOS 13, iPadOS

Became browser the Safari manager for downloads.

You can now download files while using a browser (Safari) Safari on iPhone, iPad. Won’t show the code (a download manager) Download Manager unless you download the activist (or activists newly). Saves download your automatically to the Downloads folder in the account (iCloud Drive) iCloud Drive, which you can access from the application (files) Files.

11 feature hidden in iOS 13, iPadOS

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