11 iPhone users complained about problems with GPS

To good get used quickly. That is why no one even did not pay attention to the fact that the launch of the iPhone 11 went relatively smoothly. If you compare it with the iPhone XS, which is due to a failure in the software out of the box could not normally be charged and switched off forever when the resource is its battery was depleted, the release of the flagship smartphone Apple 2019 was almost perfect. Perhaps the only drawback of new products, which generally comes to mind can be considered spontaneous activation of location services, but since it’s just a feature of the new chip U1, it can be ignored. However, the geolocation is not saved.

iPhone 11 suffer from problems with the GPS functionality, but not all

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Some iPhone users 11, 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max noticedthat the GPS module in their smartphones may not work properly in some applications. The problem is in the incorrect calculation of horizontal velocity that can become a cause of serious failures in the calculations of navigation, tracking and other types of programs and also some games that use GPS, like Pokemon Go. And since a failure affects a variety of applications, most likely, it stems from the shortcomings of the geo-pointing module or a failure in iOS.

Why iPhone shows the wrong position

The failure of the GPS in the iPhone 11 might lead to a wrong determination of speed or an incorrect location

“I do sports and I use to track my iPhone runs 11 Pro. I used to have the iPhone 7 and iPhone 8 Plus Plus and all was OK, but when I bought the iPhone 11 Pro a month ago, all my runs in Strava began to run faster. The app just seemed that I run the scheduled distance faster than it really is, and it has completed the training before. My friends and I thought it was an accident, until I began to further investigate the problem. In Strava announced that the iPhone 11 Pro incorrectly measures the horizontal speed, but I have no problems with other applications,” wrote one user.

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Study various online sites where usually there are user complaints on the work of Apple technology, have shown that the problem of erroneous operation of the GPS modules iPhone 11 is indeed the case. However, in different applications it can manifest itself in different ways. If Waze and Strava smartphone just incorrectly determines the speed of movement, Apple Maps and Google Maps suffer from the inability to determine the actual location of the user, showing it in one place to another and, in fact, losing opportunities to build a route.

GPS is not working. What to do

It is difficult to say whether the failure is software or hardware nature. To the latter makes the bend that the problem is only some users, while the majority, even if we are talking about the same application, no errors in the determination of speed or geo-location no. So if you are suddenly faced with something similar, the best option would be to first check in “Settings” if you have turned location services for specific apps, and, if not, contact the nearest service center. Moreover, all iPhone 11 are still in warranty.

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