11 million process of replacing the batteries of the iPhone through 2018 led to a quarter of the first disappointing in 2019

11 مليون استبدال لبطاريات آيفون خلال 2018 أدى لربع أول مخيب في 2019

Was Apple you may get for a program to replace batteries in phones, the beginning of the iPhone 6 until later versions compared to the$ 29 end of year 2017; to begin the program effectively from January until December 31, 2018, with respect to the subject reported by John Gruber on his blog Daring Fireball that Apple replaced the 11 million card versions of the iPhone over the past year according to a speech delivered by the executive director of Apple Tim Cook during a meeting of the workers.

For the amount of battery replacement this program within the 29$ it seems that the company has exceeded its figures typically which often range between 1 – 2 million battery replaced annually. But what is the extent of the effect of the replacement programme to double the amount of versions of iPhone?

I have already said Tim Cook in his speech that the process of the questionnaire was one of the reasons in the weak demand and Pat its impact significantly with the launch of the iPhone Xs XS Max and XR in the market, where many of the users who were excluded batteries iPhone Their a software problem after System updates iOS has they felt satisfied to perform with their computers. and they did not turn to buy the latest version.

Which had no impact on revenue in the first quarter of 2019, which came to a disappointment to the hopes and expectations of Apple’s 9 million dollars less than the medium for the quarter, the most important of which included the launch of the new iPhone and disabled the end of the year!

Can’t say that Apple was completely unaware how much impact replacement program on the amount of demand, but seem to have exceeded their expectations, especially after the launch of the versions for iPhone last.

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