11 million service fakes in Google Maps

According to the Wall Street Journal, appear hundreds of thousands of listings of counterfeit on Google Maps every month, where the service is currently about 11 billion company listed a fake, although Google claims in the study of academic self-funded 2017 to only 0.5 per cent of local searches are lists of fake, but a separate investigation conducted by the council confirmed otherwise, for example, when searching for plumbers in New York City, I found the “Journal” on 13 of the top 20 search results on Google are included in the list of incorrect addresses The only two real businesses that have committed to the actual guidelines Google.

Companies entitled The fakes on Google Maps

خرائط جوجل تحتوي على 11 مليون خدمة كاذبة والشركة تعلقGoogle maps contain 11 million service false and you know

Most of the companies that do not exist in the locations listed, the most susceptible to these scams include contractors, installers and Repairers of cars, and drag cars, referred to internally as “columns cruel” in Google, where the company has resorted to persons in the event of an emergency and there is usually plenty of time to verify the credibility of the work, but study at the same time demonstrated that the inclusion of restaurants and hotels, always exist in the locations listed, Although Google usually turns than if the work is commercial project by sending a postcard or call or send the digital code via email to enter to the web site to buy Google, it seems that the system is easy enough to get over the crooks fake address and phone numbers.

Affect the gap negatively on the company and the musicians alike, while making the crooks the presence of benefits, the company has since provided customized data lists counterfeit discovered by the council, and told a spokesman for Google to the Press that the company has added new defenses to the categories of business of high risk, in the timing of ridiculous to a certain extent announced Google Maps for granted business owners more options to customize profiles for their company on Search, Maps, through the feature “My Business”.

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