11 stunt can be implemented on WhatsApp

In the beginning we have download the app that we use WhatsPunch and install it on the phone where they will give us this app many features, which are summarized in the following:

Feature 1 : Sqaure Fit

This feature can send existing photos when in a very wonderful way and be modified according to your choice by adding some filters on the photo, of course, choose the image that you want then change the filters on a photo and then send it through the application WhatsApp .

Feature 2 : WhatsApp Cleaner

This option honestly is very important, especially for people that suffer from the problem of weakness in the storage space on the phone once enter on this option and press the Start straight would be the phone all of the damaged files for the application WhatsApp and you will see a huge space has been added on the phone .

Feature 3 : WhatsApp Pause

This option is private and off the internet for WhatsApp alone in case if you want to stop the development fact August with the presence of the internet, so you can use the rest of your existing apps in your phone, then activate this option to be off internet, only on the application of the fact August .

Feature 4 : Walk and Chat

Wonderful options and possible to used activation even benefit as you can choose the degree of transparency, the idea of this option is that once you enter the on WhatsApp you will notice that the background of the application WhatsApp is a camera, that option is specially designed for people that lead talks and is consistent with the choice of camera would be way while walking or moving .

Feature 5 : Photo Overlay

This option allows you by pressing on the gallery below to choose any image you want, and of course this picture you could add it when the background degree of transparency you select within the application WhatsApp .

Feature 6 : Status Saver

Unique option allows you to convert all existing cases to your friends on WhatsApp as soon as you see a condition will be downloaded and will become present when inside this app .

Feature 7 : Msg Unsaved Number

The choice of more than gorgeous allows you to send any message to any number not registered on your cell phone under Contacts, all you have to do is write the number of that person and write a text message and then press Send msg .

Feature 8 : WhatsApp Shortcut

A great choice once you do this option allows you to enter the application WhatsApp from anywhere in the phone you only need to hold the phone and raise it a little bit directly will open the application WhatsApp .

Feature 9 : the Ascii Faces

Gives you a huge range of shapes which are used within the application WhatsApp and when you press on the shape that you like, say Copy, and then says the Coller inside the application WhatsApp .

Feature 10 : Prank Chat

This option allows you to make a fake conversation with anyone from within the existing contacts when you are in WhatsApp, all you have to do is click on this option and write the name you would like to work with a conversation and then write the text of the conversation .

Feature 11 : the WhatsApp Bubble

Honestly a very special allows you to show all notifications that you get on WhatsApp like Messenger on Facebook of course you can choose the style and appearance of these notices .

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