12 Sep still will go down in history

If this is called “lack of innovation”, then innovation?

Almost all of their marketing presentation, the organizers called a historic and breakthrough, and almost always they vanish into the past, becoming in a few terse lines that in such a day and such a day it was announced so-and-so, after a week or two.

Sometimes announced and in fact leads to serious changes in the world around us, but you know how rare such events. At this time, such events were, there were two.

Both associated with Apple Watch, with one of the most uninteresting to me within one week. Until now, I didn’t even take her seriously. Glad that this phenomenon is still able to show the time, and that it can still be worn on the wrist.

I didn’t expect from the Apple Watch, nothing interesting, but was cruelly deceived in their expectations.

Everything else, though it boggled the imagination and caused strange desire (want iPhone XS with 512 Gigabytes of memory!), and pride in our species (I’m talking about the 7-nanometer process technology), yet is temporary.

A12 Bionic

It seems that Apple is now the leader in one race. I’ve never heard of something like this system-on-chip, and a week ago is unlikely to have believed in her reality. And it’s not even a record in the process.

In the end, this process – the achievement of TSMC, a Taiwanese semiconductor manufacturing. The cutting edge of science and technology, where technology and magic is indistinguishable. Although the application of the results of this scientific feat may seem frivolous, such powers to determine, in our days, the power and grandeur of the countries owning them, and the whole of our civilization.

The mobile device is a good proving ground for testing cutting-edge technologies.

Apple is the world’s first announced mobile devices that use chips produced by this technology from the three models. But TSMC, currently, already two customers, the world’s second processor based on this technology should be out in the light after six months, and this is only the beginning, and then, almost certainly, will be the technology of 5 nm, 3 nm… And then a PM, thousandths of a nanometer. End of nanotechnology.

Because of all the insurmountable barriers when the technology used has reached its limits, was successfully overcome. Our species suffers from many shortcomings, but for parts and ingenuity he surpasses all others in the known universe.

The device A12 Bionic impresses no less than its production process. 6 main processor cores, two of which are “power”, high-power and four others economical. Four graphic processor, that is, the kernel. Still, the iPhone XS and XS Max display resolution – Superretina, the 458 pixels per inch, without it anywhere.

But that’s not all: while others expect of artificial intelligence of hostile actions and takeover of the world, assuming that machine learning (articial intelligence) empty sell, these areas are developed, applied, and very successfully. And they are quite controlled,

Block ML (machine learning), based on neural networks have appeared in processors from Apple a year ago. Without it, the technology is steady and accurate face recognition of the owner of the device would be impossible.

This technology is recognized as the most reliable of all identification systems, and most likely, this recognition is justified. Now in block ML 8 CPU cores, four times more than A11, it is almost ten times more productive (A12 performs 5 trillion operations per second A11 – only 600 billion).

Now, instead of having to remember previous user actions, and based on the accumulated (rough) statistics to try to guess his desire, often being mistaken, the whole unit is tiny microprocessor in the device which fits in a pocket and weighs almost nothing, superhuman mind (algorithms) to guess what we want on the basis of observations of us and of chains of logical reasoning…

Do we use iPhone XS or X-RAY to take over the world? Just in case, to viewers REN TV, I will answer myself: no. It just simply, though complex and, to a certain limit, very independent, but the algorithm.

And, sadly, it will take quite some time, and replaced the A12 will come, for example, the A13, or chip from any other company… Because this level has already been reached.

Most important, number 2

Drop detector in the Apple Watch Series 4. The first thing I thought when I heard about this feature was “now, if someone drops the watch from a decent height, he will have to deal with the rescue services and is responsible for a false call”.

Because, calculating the collision rate with the surface, and by recognizing it as a threat to the health of the client, the watch include a timer, and if the client did not react in time, call extreme service.

Then I was shocked by the information about thousands of Apple conducted experiments on people who, apparently, dangerous fell and may have injured. No software / hardware product, no matter how carefully it is not tested, and no matter how many scenarios did not play would not be perfect. Real life is more complicated the most detailed and accurate descriptions, and the probability of an erroneous understanding of the situation by the intelligence contained in the microprocessor is very large.

However, the quality and accuracy study the problem allow us to hope for a positive outcome of the venture. It is really fantastic, bold, and could not save a single life. Anything like that I haven’t heard (read science fiction).

The most important number 1

For the first time in the history of the developed complex ECG (electrocardiogram), which are not designed for cardiologists, and ordinary people mere mortals.

This hotel is located in a device worn on the wrist, as a rule without removing in the course of the day. Electromagnetic sensor makes the ECG is possible, the data stored in the memory device, and, if possible, on the cloud. Interpretation of ECG – process non-trivial. Doctors are studying this for several years.

But the software part of the complex described has the necessary skills, and informs the user the result in human language.

Either “all good” or “consult a doctor”, or…

ECG-complex will be available some time after the release of the Apple Watch, it can be installed on the bought before its release watch. This is bad news. Good: FDA, management on sanitary inspection behind quality of foodstuff and medicines, examining the ECG service from Apple, had issued an official certificate.

It remains only to wait for the collision of the “product” with reality, and carefully review the results of its application in practice. If Apple did it, this is the most important event held in the theatre named after Steve jobs ‘ 12 September 2018, and possibly in Apple’s history.

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