12 shortcuts to be executed when the download Mac

Many users use keyboard shortcuts on Mac. Remember the necessary combination, you can seriously improve your productivity. But in addition to the usual keyboard shortcuts, in Mac system there is a special combination, you can only use them when you start the operating system. We’ll talk more about that.

All of the following commands can be used only after immediate turn on or restart the computer. The corresponding keys must be hold until then, until a desired event.

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System shortcuts

Command + R: Start using the recovery partition macOS.

Option + Command + R: Start the recovery partition macOS via the Internet

Option: Launch startup Manager to select the boot partition or the operating system.

Option + Command + P + R: Reset NVRAM/PRAM. Important note — On the Mac should not have an EFI firmware password, because otherwise the shortcut won’t work.

Shift: Start operating system in safe mode.

D: Start Apple diagnostics. Type of diagnosis depends on the model of Mac.

Option + D: Start Apple diagnostics equipment via the Internet.

N: Start from NetBoot server, provided that your Mac supports network boot volume.

Command + S: Start in single user mode. Only works in macOS High Sierra and in older versions of the OS.

T: Run in external disk.

Command + V: Start in verbose mode.

X: Forced the download of macOS, if your computer automatically starts another operating system.

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