$ 120 million proceeds from the developers of the apps the App Store since 2008

Held apple Monday yesterday the camp of entrepreneurship and developer of “Entrepreneur Camp” in its headquarters city of Cupertino of America, where he invited one of ten Lady of the founders of the app development companies to participate in workshops in various contexts and conduct meetings with the engineers and the staff of the Apple briefed them on the latest developments in this area of the establishment; also used Apple this opportunity to reveal a new number for store revenue by App Store.

The company underlined as income earned by developers through the App Sotre their since the inception of the App Store revealing a share of the developers which amounted to $ 120 million since 2008 until the last quarter, which means that it store has crossed this number is much higher during the same period, where the company calculates the areas by downloading applications, paid subscriptions only, which means that the revenues of the developers may be more than he is declaring with their ability to bring in money through website also.

Witness the App Store is growing rapidly for more than $ 30 million was the share of developers from the areas as a whole during the twelve months only; it is the level of growth is consistent with the expectations set by the company previously for even greater growth in the coming years.

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