121 discovered a planet with possible habitable satellites

We’ve all heard about the search for life on other planets. But what about searches on other moons? In the work, which will soon appear in the Astrophysical Journal, scientists from University of California-riverside and the University of southern Queensland has found more than a hundred giant planets, next to which can be companions, perhaps, with life. This work will guide future telescopes that will study distant worlds and search biosignature life. Since then, in 2009, was launched telescope NASA “Kepler”, scientists have found thousands of planets outside of our Solar system called exoplanets. The main goal of the mission, “Kepler” is to find planets that are potentially habitable zone of a star not to be neither hot nor cold, and water could exist in liquid form. And where there is water, there can be no life.

Solid earth-like planets — the main candidates in the search for planets with life, because some of them can be geologically and atmospherically similar to Earth. Another place to find gas giants that were discovered during the mission “Kepler” in large quantity. While the gas giants have life is unlikely to feel good if you take for example Jupiter, with such a giant can be a lot of solid satellites, aktolun that supports life.

“Currently 175 known moons orbiting the eight planets in our Solar system. Although most of them belong to Saturn and Jupiter, which are outside the habitable zone of the Sun in other solar systems it might be different,” said Stephen Kane, associate Professor of planetary astrophysics at the University of California. “The inclusion of solid aktolun in our search for life in space is great to expand the list of places of interest.”

Scientists have found 121 giant planet, which revolve within the habitable zone of their stars. These gaseous planet with a radius three times larger than the earth not as common as terrestrial planets, but must support at several large moons.

It is believed that these aktywny can provide life with pleasant environment, perhaps even better than on Earth. Because they get energy not only from their stars but from the radiation of the planet. Still not confirmed the existence of any one of ecolony.

“Now that we have created a database of known giant planets in the habitable zone of their stars, observations of the best candidates to maintain aktolun will help to improve the expected properties actlon. Our future research will help to inform the creators of future telescopes about how it would be better to search for, discover and study these ecolony, their properties and signs of life,” says the main author of the work Michael hill.

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