13.3 in iOS appeared active corners. Why they are needed and how to enable

iOS 13, despite many flaws, has become largely iconic version of Apple’s operating system. It was during its development, the company actually went against their beliefs and added in iPad mouse support, thereby bringing the time of merging mobile and desktop platforms. Well, at least that’s what everyone thought initially. However, after the release of the updates it became clear that compatibility with external manipulators added only in so far as, because of the same comfort from interaction with mouse, Mac tablet could not achieve. Fortunately, in Cupertino and did not think to stop there.

iOS 13.3 improves mouse on iPad

What is hot corners

In iOS 13.3 Apple added iPhone and iPad support active corners. On mobile devices this feature is arranged in the same way as on macOS. In fact, she turns the corners of the screen in the active area, allowing you to use them for instant action. The result will simply put the cursor on one of the four corners, as desired, the team immediately activated. This is regardless of your current goals, making use of active corners incredibly useful thing.

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In my opinion, the tablet active corners are even more important than the computer, which is adapted to control a mouse or trackpad. After all if to understand, it becomes immediately clear that the touch screen has a lot of limitations when it comes to the mouse. For example, with a mouse you can not run multitasking, don’t call “control Point” and will not be able to activate Siri. All of these actions on the iPad, even if it is connected to the manipulator to have to do manually. However, due to strong corners to cope with the tablet becomes much easier.

How to enable hot corners for iOS

  • To enable hot corners on the iPad, you’ll need to install iOS 13.3;

Hot corners is now in iPad

  • Go to “Settings” ā€” “Universal access” ā€” “Touch”;
  • Here, open the AssistiveTouch, scroll through the list of available settings and go to “hot corners”;

On hot corners in iOS you can assign any action

  • Configure each of the four corners, selecting from more than two dozen actions.

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Support for hot corners not only makes you practically independent from the touchscreen when using an iPad with a mouse, but also allows to automate many processes. For example, you can assign each of the corners and perform quick commands from the list stored on your device. As a result, you will not only not go to the library with the commands, but to not even call up Siri to give her orders for the execution of any action. This is not only convenient, but also great time-saver, allowing you to replace multiple keystrokes with just one swipe of the paddle on the table or other surface on which you are working.

Is it worth to install iOS 13.3

iOS 13.3 proved that Apple is seriously considering the iPad as a full-fledged workstation gives us the ability to connect to the tablet mouse is not only that we be left alone, but because he wants to make interaction with it more comfortable. Indeed, thanks to the mouse to perform many tasks on the iPad has become not only easier but also more efficient, which is achieved with a touch control would be impossible. So I am sure that in the near future we will see some significant updates that will take the tablet on an even more qualitative level and will allow you to use them along with Mac.

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