13 iOS allows you to run third-party camera from the lock screen

Apple has always been very jealous of the integrity of their products, believing that outsiders should not interfere in their work. For this reason iOS for a long time greatly restricted the flight of fancy of the users, prohibiting them in any way to customize the iOS interface, not to mention to replace the stock applications with third-party. As a result of launch from the lock screen only the standard camera and keep a backup only to iCloud. But with the release of iOS 13, this problem will be partially solved.

IOS 13 Apple modified the app “Quick commands”, which are mainly used for faster execution of daily processes, simplifying the use of the iPhone and even extending its functionality. One of the innovations of the upcoming updates will be support for new automation scripts with the ability to redirect. Thanks to them, users will be able to assign launch additional tasks when you run the main.

How to replace the standard camera on the iPhone

In other words, automation commands allow you to run one app on top of another. Thus you can even run third-party camera app right from the lock screen. See for yourself:

However, this will occur with a slight delay, since the smartphone will need to run the standard chamber and then a third-party. However, the delay in 1.5-2 seconds is unlikely to cause resentment among the majority of users, given the kind of opportunity they get in return.

Application range automation command almost unlimited. With their help, you can assign an activation mode “do Not disturb” at the time of starting video recording, automatically set an alarm depending on the time of day or, for example, automatically copy incoming messages to the clipboard.

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